What do guys like about relationships

Study: This is what hurts guys the most in a relationship

Guys understand: This is what hurts guys the most in a relationship

Quarrel in a relationship? There are many guys who just prefer not to say anything at such moments because they don't feel like facing the argument. But what things do guys find really annoying about their girlfriends? What annoys you the most and what actions do you feel unsettled by?

Somebody understand the boys clan! Virtually impossible? Perhaps so far. Now, a new study sheds light on what hurts boys the most. Who would have thought that!?


Astudy of ElitePartner surveyed 4,153 of their users and found out that whole 50,1% of all the interviewed guys think it is bad when their girlfriend stops talking to them after an argument. 40,5% feel hurt when their friend does not involve them in important decisions and thus their opinion is not asked. 38% of the boys find it terrible when their girlfriend gets loud during an argument. 27,5% of boys and men are offended when their friend brings up disputes with family, friends or colleagues. And 24,1% the boys hate it when the girl slams the door in an argument.

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That hurts guys in the relationship too

But that wasn't it for a long time, although you can really understand the guys with these things. But there are other things that guys find hurtful. It also bothers her when her girlfriend goes on vacation without him but with friends, doesn't tell him that she loves him, or doesn't answer his WhatsApp messages for a day (okay, the last one can really be understood). In addition, according to the study, guys don't like it when their girlfriend spends more time with their hobbies than with them, doesn't introduce them to their closest friends or family, and does something with their girlfriends even though they have nothing to do and have time to do.

Boys check very easily!

If you think about it now, the things that bothers guys are very similar things that we girls don't find cool either.Therefore we should always remember as a guide: Treat your friend the way you would like to be treated. If you both do that, nothing should go wrong!