Swing you and your husband

SWING: The woman behind the king

SWING: The woman behind the king

Andrea Abderhalden-Hämmerli has been keeping her husband Jörg Abderhalden's back free for years. Few can imagine what this means in concrete terms. Not even now that she is Secretary General of the NOS in Wattwil.

SWING. Housewife, manager, managing director, board member, politician, honorary functionary, school board member, there are different names to describe the area of ​​activity of Andrea Abderhalden-Hämmerli from Nesslau. When asked what her job is, the 38-year-old trained business woman cannot give a clear answer. Often, however, this does not matter, because for many contemporaries, regardless of their mandates and voluntary jobs, she remains "only" the wife of Jörg Abderhalden, the royal wrestler and Swiss of the year 2007.

So it came as no surprise to the mother of three when women whispered to her that she had to step out of the shadow of her husband first so that she had a chance as a candidate for a cantonal council. Not everyone seemed to think so. It was position three on the FDP list (first replacement). «Women in particular cannot imagine that I pursue my own interests alongside my well-known husband and that Jörg supports me as much as I supports him. But I've got used to it, ”says Andrea Abderhalden.

Short ways

Both spouses emphasize that it has always been important to build up your own circle of friends and surroundings in addition to joint activities, both professionally and in your free time. "The picture that Andrea is in my shadow because she has been keeping my back free for years is completely wrong," adds the national sports personality.

Already during the active days of the triple king, the general secretary of the Northeast Swiss Wrestling Day on June 26th at the Grüenau Wattwil took over the coordination, organization, scheduling and arrangements for the wedlock, who is now the focus again as OC President. “We always had the advantage of short distances, we didn't need long discussions and meetings, and we were able to react immediately. This is also the case with the NOS, "says Andrea Abderhalden. Much can be solved and communicated ad hoc. "

The general secretary takes care of the advance booking, invites guests, writes letters of thanks, takes care of sponsors, guests of honor, ladies of honor and everything for which nobody feels responsible, becomes a telephone information point and takes over the administrative work for the boss as secretary. The hobby athlete, who is often referred to as a manager, knows that coordination is easier when the threads come together in one place, because she likes to ski and hike. She has never seen herself as a manager, and she neither finds the term appropriate, nor does she like it.

Media work of the lady of the house

During the glorious sawdust times at Königsstrasse 10 in Nesslau, shielding the five-fold confederate was one of the main tasks of the landlady. Some media workers gritted their teeth when they wanted to contact the most successful wrestler before a major event, but the latter wanted to concentrate on the sport. He doesn't know any manager who protects his athlete as consistently as Ms. Abderhalden protects her husband, said a journalist after he was blown off again. “Andrea had to listen to a lot of criticism because of this, but she pulled it off and I wasn't burdened by all the inquiries. The path was probably the right one, ”recalls the 51-time wreath festival winner.

Such inquiries, which bordered on telephone harassment at peak times, have become less common six years after the resignation. Board memberships at Wildhauser Bergbahnen and Clientis Bank Thur, involvement in politics and associations are now part of everyday life with time-limited tasks such as at the NOS or as the author of the anniversary publication “75 Years of Schwingklub Wattwil”. In addition, she has been working at Jörg Abderhalden AG since 2012 (support / advice for top athletes / organization of sports, sponsoring events) as managing director. “Because strength lies in the family,” was Andrea Abderhalden's slogan in the cantonal elections. Is it possible in terms of time for all of the jobs? “The focus is on the family. I can do most of the work when the children are out of the house. We are in the fortunate position that Jörg can also adapt his working hours to my appointments. The strength of the family is not just that the mother is always at home. "