What kind of person are you

There are two kinds of people - which one do you belong to? Do the test!

First of all: Of course, nobody is better than the other. But it is fascinating that there are people who NEVER eat the edge of the pizza and those who eat everything whole. There is nothing in between. And that's what makes it so fascinating. Because no matter where you come from, what religion you have and what language you speak - it is these little everyday things that still connect you. And which ultimately divide the world into two camps.

A thought that also preoccupies João Rocha in his blog. He has created numerous illustrations on the subject. The idea for "2 Kind of People" arose when his wife explained to him that he had to fold the laundry differently in the closet.

That was the beginning of his illustrations, which really make you smile. Everyday situations that we all do in a special way. Be it the question of how to arrange your books in the cupboard or the question of how to nibble off a corn on the cob.

How about you guys Click through and choose one of the two pictures!

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The test gives you information about what kind of person you belong to. Whether you are more of a "Team Order and Structure" or a "Creative Chaos" team. Both are perfectly okay and have their justification. Have fun testing!

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