Who was Gunter Eich

Günter Eich curriculum vitae and works

Günter Eich was born on February 1, 1907 in Lebus. He was a well-known German poet and radio play author. After the death of his parents, he grew up with his grandparents. After graduating from high school in Leipzig, he began studying economics and sinology in Berlin in 1925, which he broke off in 1932.

He then lived as a freelance writer in Berlin and in Poberow. In 1929 he published "Die Gedichte", his first volume of poetry. During this time, many of his poems were published in various newspapers.

He was also heard on the radio with his first radio plays. In the Nazi era Eich made an entry request for the NSDAP i.e. he wanted to join this party. However, this request was never confirmed. During the Second World War Eich was a non-commissioned officer.

In 1943 almost all of his manuscripts were destroyed by a bomb attack. Two years later, Eich was an American prisoner of war.

After his imprisonment, he wrote poetry again. It was at this time that his most famous poems were published "Latrine" and "Inventory". In 1947 he became a member of Group 47. This had set itself the goal of spreading democracy in Germany. In 1950 he received the first prize in this group.

There he also met his wife, the writer Ilse Aichinger know. He had two children with her. Eich received numerous prizes in the following years, including 1959, the Georg Buechner Price.

In 1963 Eich moved to Salzburg. He died there on December 20, 1972.



  • The Poems (1929)
  • Remote homesteads
  • In the evening at the fence
  • Inventory (1947)
  • Latrine (1946)


  • Catherine (1935)
  • Trains in the Fog (1945)
  • The Stilt Walker (1954)

Collection of prose: