Women can love men unconditionally

Even if you already had her in bed (see also rule 162. Be dominant in bed), even if you have been in a relationship for two years - her love is not unconditional.

Of course, the waitresses were never spoken. The conditions were not defined anywhere. She may not even be aware of the waitresses, but they are there.

The first impression was correct

Let's say you did everything right in the early stages of the relationship.

You have the cook-date strategy Man bible successfully applied. You have followed the basic rule of SMS communication. You sold yourself as the grand prize, not a dependent man who depends on her for sex. In short:

She has the impression that you are an alpha male

But do you think that after having sex a few times you can go back to the "old you"?

No, the game never stops.

The focus of your seduction skills shifts. Another as yet unwritten rule of the Man bible gain in importance, but "the game never stops ".

If she gets the feeling that you are really dependent on her. If you keep boring her with your problems at work, if you keep texting her because nothing else is going on in your life (see also rule 247. You are your own company), she will quickly forget how you originally got her to bed brought.

That a woman's love is not unconditional, this is the experience that successful men have probably also made who suffered losses.

Curved around in the Porsche today, curled around in the VW Golf the next day.

The man is still the same. But, he's lost his status.

His wife too? Maybe. It depends on what she sees in him.

Does she see in him the upcoming climber and millionaire who has to go through the bottom right now? Or will she see him soon at the social welfare office?

It will depend on whether she will stick with him or leave him.

Anger is wrong approach

The insights in this rule can be infuriating. They can shock you. You can refuse it.

But that would be the wrong approach.

Instead, you should change your expectations about relationships with women.

Your expectations for a relationship

Be aware of what women can give you in a relationship.

But also make yourself aware of what women cannot give you in a relationship.

I don't expect unconditional love from a woman. I don't expect her to love me the way my mother loves me.

Your girlfriend will love you for what you showed her at the beginning of your relationship. She will love you for your potential (think of the starving artist who is still looking for success).

But she won't love you anymore if you are dependent on her or if you had to swap the Porsche for a VW Golf.


Women don't love unconditionally. Women love opportunistically.