When should you have your first kiss?

The first kiss: but how? We have the best tips

The first kiss: but how? We have the best tips!

Before the first kiss occurs, many questions arise. We got to the bottom of the matter.

The tingling in the stomach, the calls, the first romantic date and at some point: the first kiss. That can be pretty exciting! But by the time we get that far, we're going to be pretty crazy. When is the right time? Is the place romantic enough? Can I kiss well at all? What if it doesn't turn out as nice as expected? We try to answer all your questions and to take away your fear of what is probably the most beautiful thing in the world!

First kiss: Nick Jonas

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When is the right time for the first kiss?

You've only been dating for five minutes and you're already giving him a peck on the mouth? Not really that good. But when is the right time for the first kiss? Already on the first date? Or only after the fifth meeting? Is there a rule at all? So much at the beginning: love and rules? It would be nice! That would probably save us one or two lovesicknesses. But With the help of some signals, you can still estimate when the right time for the first kiss has come.

Body and eye contact

Intense body or eye contact is definitely an indication that the time is right for the first kiss. Would you like to kiss your crush but they avoid your eyes? Not a good sign. This indicates disinterest and shyness. In this case, be a little more careful and do not rush into anything. The single and couple therapist Wieland Stolzenburg revealed the following to the online magazine "Desired": “How quickly the first kiss occurs is just one of many factors in whether a date turns into a long-term relationship. Some kiss on the first day, others only after weeks - and both can lead to a relationship that lasts for years. And yet it is sometimes advisable to wait. Why? If you snog right away on the first evening, it's hard to tell whether the other person really has a long-term interest or is just aiming for a quick act. "

What should the first kiss look like?

That too differs from couple to couple. Some are first kisses short and fleeting, others wild, and completely different cautious and tender - so there is no recipe here either. In any case, you don't have to learn to kiss or practice beforehand - it'll all come naturally. And you will see, when you have found the right partner, it harmonizes all by itself. It's best to take it slower first, touch your lips tenderly and then feel your way forward with your tongue when you are ready. Kiss your crush the way you would like to be kissed yourself, close your eyes and just enjoy the moment without thinking too much. And if something goes wrong: No master has fallen from the sky yet! Next time it will be more relaxed for sure. And so much can be revealed: you get better every time!

The first kiss: what role does the location play?

Many think that the location is one of the things that determines how good or bad the first kiss is. But that's total nonsense! The location doesn't play that important role. Because the first kiss will always be something special, no matter where it takes place - whether in the park, on the street or at home on the sofa. However, to make things easier, the first kiss should take place in a quiet environment where fewer or no other people are watching. Then you can approach the matter much more relaxed!

The first kiss: all dos and don'ts at a glance!


  • It is better to show restrained commitment than to be too hasty
  • Take your time and adjust the pace
  • Listen to your gut feeling
  • Timid, cautious approach
  • Kiss the second time when the first time was a success


  • Pick the wrong situation
  • Assaulted your kissing partner out of the blue
  • Kiss directly with full body effort
  • Say "I love you"
  • Keep kissing if you don't feel good about it

The first kiss: Another important tip

If your first kiss wasn't particularly nice, you shouldn't get discouraged - or keep kissing, even if you don't find it nice but rather uncomfortable. Maybe you need a little more time? You don't have to rush anything! Just dare to approach the topic step by step - at some point the right moment will come when you will discover kissing for yourself too!

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