What are the most popular pizza toppings

The most popular types of pizzas in Italy

Thick and soft or thin and crispy dough, classic topping or rather gourmet, with or without a filled crust ... Regardless of the variant, the pizza is representative of Italian cuisine all over the world.

Italians eat pizza on Saturday or Sunday evenings, after sports or while watching TV with friends, on children's birthday parties - in short, pizza is an integral part of everyday life in Italy and accompanies Italians from an early age.

If you have decided to go on a weekend trip to Italy or if you are thinking of emigrating to the land of the boot, you should be familiar with the world of (authentic Italian) pizzas.

Pizza Margherita

Not much needs to be explained about Pizza Margherita: it is the simple queen of pizzas. It is available in the simple version with Mozzarella fiordilatte or with Mozzarella de bufala (in which case it is correctly called Pizza Bufalina). It is without a doubt the favorite pizza of the Italians.

Apart from mozzarella cheese, Italian pizza makers (“pizzaioli”) top the pizza with tomatoes, oil and basil.

Marinara pizza

The secret of this pizza lies in its simplicity. Those who order this pizza can convince themselves of the excellent quality of the ingredients and the pizza dough in Italy, because the topping consists only of tomatoes, garlic, oregano and oil (sometimes also basil).

Have you ever wondered why the ingredients of the pizza marinara actually have nothing to do with the sea, as one might guess based on their name? Its name has a different origin: it comes from the fact that the ingredients, which by the way are all very easy to preserve, were used by seafarers on long voyages in the past.

Pizza prosciutto e funghi

The pizza Prosciutto e funghi also impresses with the simplicity of its topping: ham and mushrooms. It can be ordered in two different versions: with cooked ham or with raw ham, which is only put on the pizza after baking.

Pizza Quattro Stagioni

Another favorite pizza of the Italians is undoubtedly the pizza Quattro Stagioni, which means "four seasons". Apart from tomatoes and mozzarella, it is topped with boiled ham, mushrooms, artichokes and black olives. Sometimes anchovies or other specialties are added. The correct distribution of the ingredients is extremely important in this pizza: every quarter of the pizza contains a specific ingredient.

Pizza capricciosa

The Pizza Capricciosa is similar to the Pizza Quattro Stagioni. The ingredients are almost the same except that the pizza capricciosa usually doesn't have olives and all the ingredients are mixed with tomato sauce and mozzarella.

Pizza Quattro Formaggi

Only real cheese lovers will appreciate this creamy pizza, the name of which simply means “four cheeses”. The ingredients and the type of cheese used can vary from pizzeria to pizzeria: Provolone, Parmigiano Reggiano, Mozzarella, Stracchino, Fontina or Gorgonzola.

Pizza Ortolana / Vegetariana

Even if you are on a diet, pizza can be a good and healthy alternative. The Pizza Ortolana or Pizza Vegetariana is ideal for everyone who likes to eat delicious, but also wants to keep an eye on their figure. Aside from mozzarella and tomatoes, this pizza is topped with peppers, eggplant and zucchini or any other fresh vegetables.

Pizza Diavola

The Pizza Diavola is something for everyone who likes spicy food, because it is mainly topped with spicy salami. It is one of the most famous pizzas outside of Italy, although you may know it by a different name: Pizza Pepperoni.

Pizza Boscaiola

This pizza actually comes from Naples; However, they are available in almost all regions of Italy - in the respective regional variant with local products. In the traditional version in Naples, the pizza topping of the Pizza Boscaiola consists of mushrooms, sausage and mozzarella.

Seafood pizza

This pizza combines the delicious pizza with the best seafood that can be found in Italy: apart from the obligatory base of tomato and mozzarella, the pizza Frutti di Mare also contains a lot of seafood such as shrimp, mussels and squid, as well as garlic and parsley.

Buon appetito!