How many Americans have PhDs

Abolish the doctorate! : Where there is no dissertation, there is no plagiarism

The graduate institute for applied research of the universities of applied sciences in North Rhine-Westphalia is to be converted into a doctoral college, whose departments will be granted the right to award doctorates after successful assessment by the Science Council. That means: even more dissertations, and not just from universities.

It would be advisable to call the German Dr. abolish. There should only be a PhD as evidence of academic qualifications. In view of the bachelor's and master's degrees adopted from the Anglo-American system, that would be only logical.

Implementing such a proposal could solve several problems. First and foremost, it concerns plagiarism proceedings. If no more dissertations are written, there is no plagiarism. Vroniplag could still impale old cases. Since the Dr. but would lose its social significance, there would probably also be less interest in uncovering sins of the past. Many pending proceedings could be ended so elegantly. One no longer has to worry about political careers. Doctoral supervisors and mothers could sleep peacefully again; Allegations of lax handling would become irrelevant.

A gap arises from the elimination of the honorary doctor

One could expect the greatest profit from fulfilling the request of the universities of applied sciences to obtain an independent right to award doctorates. Such ambitions would come to nothing. The initiative from NRW, which seems like an April Fool's joke, would have been done. Otherwise, it can be assumed that even the smallest college student will soon be able to do a doctorate. The pressure on the local MPs will become so strong that the state parliaments will pass appropriate regulations.

A gap would arise from the loss of the honorary doctor. Successful business leaders could no longer please.

Medicine-Dr. only for country doctors!

In the field of medicine, one could consider that the Dr. med. remains accessible only to candidates who at the same time undertake to work as a country doctor. This is how the undersupply of medical supplies in rural areas could be countered. The county council would certainly express its sympathy for the idea.

Protests from the printing industry are to be expected. The increase in orders for business cards, stationery, etc. after the purchase of titles should not be underestimated. In any case, the loss of jobs in the already battered industry must be avoided.

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