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We continue to buy your records without contact

Is it finally time to clear out your collection? Found boxes of treasure in the basement or in the attic? Together with DHL, we offer you a free, contactless pick-up service for your records. Just pack it up, put it in front of the door and have it picked up. Interest? Then write us an email at [email protected] or call us at 030-549 069 361.

Do you want to sell your records? It's that easy …

As one of the largest providers of new and used records, we are always on the lookout for interesting collections and unique items.
We buy complete record collections or stores or stocks of up to 500,000 LPs and also individual rarities or smaller private collections.

So if you want to part with your old records, please do not hesitate to contact us. Depending on the size and location of the collection, there are different ways in which the vinyl purchase works in detail.
We stand for uncomplicated processing and fair payment and will be happy to pick up the records from you if you do not live in Berlin.

1. What is the state of the collection?

Please get an overview of the condition of your records in advance. Because if the collection is fundamentally interesting (sought-after styles or artists), above all the condition is decisive for determining the value of the records.
This applies to the cover, which should have as few signs of use or no cracks or lettering as possible, as well as to the vinyl itself, which should have as few or no deep scratches as possible.

If you buy a lot of records yourself, you are probably familiar with the Goldmine Grading Standards, an internationally common system for describing the condition of vinyl, which is also used at recordsale. A classification of the records in this common standard helps a lot when evaluating your record collection. The easiest way to do this is with a list.

It may be useful to create such a list for sales only. In this case, however, we strongly recommend contacting us beforehand to find out whether the collection is interesting and whether it is really worth the effort.

2. What are your records worth?

We pay at least one euro per LP, provided it is of interest to us (see below). Depending on the pressing and condition (see above), there are of course higher purchase prices.
When it comes to rarities, there is almost no end to the top: the highest price of a record sold so far was USD 790,000.

You can get an initial overview of which records we buy and which not here:

We are happy to buy these records:Which records we don't buy:
  • Beat, Rock'n'Roll, Rock etc. from the 50s and 60s
  • Independent publications and punk
  • Hip-hop from the 80s
  • Progressive, rock, folk ...
  • LPs from the 90s
  • Jazz / Soul / R&B
  • all music from the last 10 years
  • Hits of the 70s and 80s
  • Hits sampler from the 70s and 80s
  • Classic from the last 30 years
  • scratched, incomplete or otherwise damaged panels

By the way: We not only buy vinyl, but also CDs and pay the best prices. If we have a written offer from a competitor, we usually exceed it by at least 20%.

These CDs are particularly interesting for us:What we unfortunately cannot buy:
  • Publications from the last five years
  • Albums from the field of independent / jazz / soul / experimental music / radio plays
  • large collections
  • Best of sampler
  • Pop CD singles
  • scratched CDs
  • CDRs

3. This is how the purchase of records works

Smaller collections & individual records

For smaller collections or individual records, we ask you to send us a list of your albums or to come to our office at Hertzstraße 63a, Haus 1, 13158 Berlin (near Wilhelmsruh S-Bahn station). Please make an appointment with us by phone beforehand.

Then we can get a more detailed overview of your record collection and then make you a fair offer.

Larger collections

You don't live in Berlin or the collection is too large to be transported? No problem…

In the case of larger record collections, we would be happy to come to you to assess them. In Berlin and the surrounding area from 200 pieces, throughout Germany from 1,000 pieces. Alternatively, you can of course send us a list with the relevant information in order to receive an assessment.

Purchasing contact details

Address:Hertzstraße 63a, PankowPark Haus 1, 13158 Berlin

Phone: 030/54 90 69 361 (Mon-Fri 11 a.m.-3 p.m.)

Fax:030 / 54 90 69 369

E-mail:[email protected]

Please always include the telephone number with inquiries so that we can call you back if necessary.

For visitors:
To get to, as a pedestrian * In, you can take the entrance directly on Hertzstraße. With your car you have to enter the PankowPark via the free entrance gate on Heinz-Brandt-Straße.