Are Algerians proud of Zidane

Zidane and Benzema are Kabila. They are a Berber people from Algeria, both of whom feel strongly connected to their roots

Zizou was once shy about his origins.

The La Liga season ended in triumph for Zinedine zidane and Karim Benzema. Both led Real to a championship victory for the first time in three years. Zidane won the 11th coaching trophy with Madrid's club. Benzema scored 20+ goals in two consecutive seasons (21 each) for the first time in his career. "He has to get the 'Golden Ball'. No player has been better than him this season. All Real Madrid players have been good, but Karim in particular," said Florentino Perez.

Zidane and Benzema don't just connect Real Madrid and France. They are both from the Kabil - Berbers (the indigenous people of North Africa who adopted Islam in the 7th century) the people who live mainly in northern Algeria. This country was considered part of France for a long time, which is why many Kabila had emigrated to the former metropolis for economic and political reasons.

Around one million of the 5.5 million unstable lives in France. Some of you have become very famous. For example, Kilian Mbappé and actress Marion Cotillard - Kabila. Partner Marion in the film "Taxi" Sami naseri-Kabil from his father.

Zidan's parents came to France before the Algerian War. Zizou is proud of its origins

Smail and Malika zidane emigrated to Paris in 1953 from the northern Algerian village of Agemun. Soon the War of Independence from France began in Algeria, claiming hundreds of thousands of lives. Those who managed to leave before the start of baking are very lucky. Zidan's parents were not Arabs, the father had never fought, so he was not considered a defector.

But the work was still not enough, so that the family moved to the northern suburb of Marseille-Castellane in the mid-1960s. Zinedine was born in Marseille and was the fifth child in the family. You lived modestly by French standards, but very comfortably in a poor area with high crime rates and unemployment. My father worked as a warehouse manager and night watchman in a department store while my mother watched over the house.

"I'm close to the Arab world," said zidane. - It's in my blood, through my parents. I am very proud to be French, but I am also very proud to have those roots.

Last year, Zidane congratulated the Algerian national team on winning the Africa Cup. "My older brother would be proud! Zidane wrote a week after the death of his brother Farid. - Congratulations to Algeria. That is the victory of the whole people."

In April 2020-TEN Spanish and Algerian media reported that Zidane's son LUC will be for the national team of Algeria. Algeria's coach Jamel Belmadi reportedly convinced the 21-year-old goalkeeper it was the right decision. It was expected that the debut will take place in the World Cup qualifiers as early as autumn. But Belmadi has so far denied all these rumors.

Benzema grew up with eight siblings in the disadvantaged area of ​​Lyon. He could play for Algeria

Both of Karim's parents have Algerian roots. The mother was already born in Lyon and the father moved from the same district of Algeria where Zidan's parents had previously arrived. Not much is known about the Benzema family's move. The family had nine children-five girls and four boys. Karim was already born in Lyon - in the troubled area of ​​Bron, where many of the same families of immigrants lived.

In 2006 Benzema received a call from the French national team but was unable to go on the field due to an injury. The Algerian Football Association tried to take advantage of this and offered the striker to play for you. Karim replied with a rejection: "My parents are from Algeria, this country is in my heart, but I will play football for France".

The striker has not been called up for the national team for five years because of Mathieu Valbuena's blackmail scandal. Last year, the head of the French Football Association, Noel Le GREET, declared that Benzem's international career was over. Karim then indicated on Twitter that he could play for another national team. It is unlikely that it will ever take place. According to the rules, Benzema would have to give up French citizenship, which seems unrealistic.

But Algeria's coach Jamel Belmadi was quick to dispel all rumors. He said that there were a lot of great strikers in his national team. Karim meanwhile congratulates Algeria on the 58th anniversary of independence.

Zidane about himself: "First I am Kabil from Castellana, then I am Algerian from Marseille and finally I am French".

As a rule, Kabila consider themselves Sunni Muslims. Zidane and Benzema are no exception. While he was Sport Director of Real Madrid, Zinedine organized iftare treats in Paris for those who were fasting during RAMADAN. His cousin Rabach said Zizou was never shy about his views, other than failing to comply with any religious obligations. For example, due to the mode, the player did not always obey the post.

Benzema posits, and in 2013 he donated three million euros to build a mosque in Lyon. But Karim celebrates Christmas without any problems. "Of course I have no special feelings that day. But I respect other people, your beliefs. That's why I like to congratulate friends on Christmas and give them presents," said Benzema.

Although zidane and Benzema were born in France, the origin is noticeable. "I never left Algeria," said zidane. - Algeria lives in my heart. I remember very well the time when I was shy. But now I'm shy about this time My father is an Algerian who is proud of his roots. And I'm just proud of him. He told me that an immigrant should learn to work twice as hard as anyone else. I always remember who I am and where I come from, and I am proud of who I am. First I am Kabila from Castellana, then I am an Algerian from Marseille and finally I am a French.