Why do actors do so much

That's how much Netflix pays - but only famous actors

US actor Ryan Reynolds received 27 million dollars for his role in the film "6 Underground". That's a sensation - especially because it was the streaming service Netflix that made this amount jump. The industry service "Variety" recently examined the actor's salary in a Hollywood fee report.

The special thing about it wasn't just the amount - 27 million is a good bit more than the fees that studios usually make for stars. For comparison: Will Smith made about $ 20 million with "Bad Boys". Something fundamental differentiates the contracts of the streaming services from the industry-standard ones. Because a film produced by Netflix runs exclusively on its own platform.

Ton Hanks even waived the fee - and still earned a lot

Films that go to the cinema are licensed to cinemas internationally. Successful productions are later bought by television stations. Each time the box office rings for actors too. But with streaming services, there are only in the rarest cases secondary exploitation. The salaries may be higher - and yet the actors might end up earning less.

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An example: Tom Hanks completely waived a fee so that he could play Forrest Gump, as the entire film only had a budget of 55 million dollars. However, Hank had a contract guarantee that he would share in the profits. In the end, Hanks not only received fame and honor - but also earned $ 60 million thanks to the clever deal.

Fixed fees for streaming services - a disadvantage for young actors

At these large sums, one might think that a million more or less doesn't make much of a difference. But the salaries through license agreements do not only serve to increase the wealth of the already wealthy stars. Young actors who stand in front of the camera for a low fee for an underdog also benefit from the recycling through licenses.

At $ 27 million that may not hurt - but it does when it comes to young actors in underdog productions. For example, according to media reports, the young actors Griffin Gluck and Tyler Alvarez earned around $ 2500 per episode for the amusing mockumentary "American Vandals". Exactly how successful the series was cannot be reconstructed, as the streaming service does not disclose the audience ratings. But now there is no longer any chance that it could become even more through licenses.

By Geraldine Oetken / RND