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Robert's rebellion is based on a lie. Rhaegar did not kidnap and raped my aunt. He loved her and she loved him!

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Crown Prince Rhaegar Targaryen (in the original: Rhaegar Targaryen) is a character on the series game of Thrones is mentioned and died before the start of the plot. He can only be seen in a flashback in the seventh episode of the seventh season, in which he is played by Wilf Scolding.

He was the son and heir of King Aerys II Targaryen and Prince of Dragonstone. Rhaegar was the older brother of Viserys and died before the birth of his sister Daenerys. He sparked Robert's rebellion when he kidnapped his fiancée Lyanna Stark. During the conflict he was killed by Robert Baratheon at the Battle of Trident.

In the series


Rhaegar Targaryen was the firstborn son and heir to Aerys II Targaryen, the Mad King, and his sister consort Rhaella Targaryen. He had a younger brother Viserys and a sister Daenerys, who were not born until after his death. After his mother failed to have a daughter who Rhaegar could have married, he went to Dorne to marry Princess Elia Martell. With her he had a daughter Rhaenys and a son Aegon. Rumor has it that Rhaegar organized the Harrenhal tournament to show all of Westeros his father's madness. Aerys' madness had only been tolerated by many in the hope that Rhaegar would make amends for any harm done by him upon his accession to the throne. During the tournament, however, Rhaegar caused a scandal when he presented the victory wreath, the so-called Winter crown, after his victory gave Lady Lyanna Stark, Robert Baratheon's fiancé, and not his own wife.[1] After Lyanna's disappearance, her brother Brandon Rhaegar accused of kidnapping his sister. After Brandon's and Rickard Stark's execution, Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark started a rebellion to get Lyanna back.[2] After numerous victories by the rebels, Rhaegar returned from Dorne, where he was hiding with Lyanna. There he had his marriage to Elijah annulled in a secret ceremony, which enabled him to marry Lyanna. Rhaegar promised Ser Barristan Selmy that there would be many changes to the court after their victory. Robert and Rhaegar faced each other in the Battle of the Trident, where Rhaegar was slain by Robert. During their duel, Robert struck the fatal blow with his war hammer, which loosened the rubies from Rhaegars armor, which were thereby scattered in the water. Later this place was called the Ruby Ford.[3]

season 1

Robert Baratheon visits the grave of his late lover Lyanna Stark in Winterfell. He tells his friend Eddard Stark that he still dreams of slaying Rhaegar over and over again. Eddard reminds him of his victory and that the Targaryen were wiped out. Robert replies that not all are dead, alluding to Rhaegars siblings Viserys and Daenerys.[4]

season 3

Daenerys Targaryen is considering the possibility of enlisting an army of the Immaculate to help them conquer the Iron Throne. SerBarristan Selmy begs them not to do it, as Rhaegar fought with men on the Trident who believed in his cause and had not been bought. Ser Jorah Mormont replies that although Rhaegar fought valiantly and nobly, he died in the end.[5]

Season 4

After Oberyn Martell arrives in King's Landing for the upcoming wedding of King Joffrey Baratheon, he talks to Tyrion Lannister. He says he is angry with Rhaegar for leaving Oberyn's sister for another woman after she gave birth to his children.[6]

Season 5

On the way to the Great Septe of Baelor to her father's burial, Cersei recalls her visit to a witch. Cersei asked the witch if she would marry the prince (Rhaegar). However, the witch denied this and prophesied that she would marry a king.[7]

Barristan Selmy tells Daenerys about Rhaegar. He was a good fighter, but never liked to do so. He often went into the streets of King's Landing and sang for the common people. He either spent the money he earned on himself or gave it to someone who needed it more. According to Barristan, Rhaegar loved singing.

Petyr Baelish tells Sansa Stark about the tournament on Harrenhal. He tells her that Rhaegar kidnapped and raped Lyanna.[8]

Season 6

Bran Stark is revealed in a vision that Lyanna Stark dies giving birth to Jon Schnee, who is also Rhaegar's son.[9][10]

Season 7

Goldy reads in a book that the High Septon Maynard annulled the marriage between Rhaegar and his wife Elia Martell and that Rhaegar married another woman in a ceremony in Dorne.[11]

Upon arriving at Winterfell, Samwell Tarly learns from Bran that Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. At first Bran believes that Jon's last name should be Sand, but Sam remembers the cancellation of Rhaegar's marriage that Goldy told him about, and then Bran has a vision of Lyanna's and Rhaegar's wedding, and he sees how in love they both are are. It becomes clear that Robert's rebellion was based on a lie and that Rhaegar neither kidnapped nor raped Lyanna. Bran sees Lyanna deliver her son to his father again, and this time he can hear that the child's real name is Aegon Targaryen.[12]


In the books

In the saga The Song of Ice and Fire Rhaegar Targaryen was the eldest son of Aerys II and, as heir to the throne, Prince of Drachenstein. He was popular with the common people and died during Robert's Rebellion that was sparked by his alleged kidnapping of Lyanna Stark. He was slain in a duel by Robert Baratheon at the Rubinfurt am Trident.

For his offenses, Rhaegar was despised by Robert, whereas other rebels and royalists alike see him as a tragic hero, a view shared even by Robert's Right Hand and Lyanna's brother Eddard Stark.

Character & appearance

Prince Rhaegar was tall and handsome, with dark purple eyes and the silver hair of the Targaryens. He was exceedingly intelligent and brilliant in everything his mind thought up. In addition, Rhaegar was considered a talented musician and exemplary knight. It was shaped by the tragedy of Sommerhallbecause he was "born in grief", which is why he was prone to melancholy.

Many remember Rhaegars with respect. Ser Jaime Lannister remembered Rhaegars iron voice and believed that he would have made a good king. Barristan Selmy, who served three kings, remembered that Rhaegar surpassed them all. His sister Daenerys Targaryen is often said to be like him.

Childhood and adolescence

Prince Rhaegar was the firstborn son of King Aerys II Targaryen and his sister-consort Rhaella. He was born in 259 AC, the same day that the Sommerhall tragedy took place. As a child, Rhaegar read like a man possessed until he was ridiculed for it. It was made clear to him that in later life he would have to be a warrior, even if at first he did not seem inclined to take up the sword. However, something caused a rethink in this area, apparently from something he had read.

At 17, Rhaegar was knighted and developed into a skilled fighter who excelled in tournaments but rarely participated in such. Some have therefore claimed that Rhaegar loved his harp more than his lance. The squires of Rhaegar were Myl Muton