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Major: corporate management, controlling & accounting

Every profession requires well-trained specialists who have the necessary specialist knowledge - also in all areas of application for business administration graduates. The business administration course therefore includes various focal points that optimally prepare students for employment in a certain professional field. Here everything about the major in business management, controlling and accounting.

Major in Business Management, Controlling & Accounting - What is it?

It goes without saying that a company wants to be successful - sustainably and taking into account the company's set goals. At the same time, investment decisions have to be made and new financing options developed. A large number of business administration graduates find their field of work in this extremely broad field of business administration.

Graduates with a major in controlling, accounting and corporate management analyze, plan, manage and control - those who have a tendency to pay are in good hands here. Through analysis, for example, statements are made about the expected return and at the same time the expected risks are named and assessed. Depending on your choice of focus, you will be able to make statements about the economic success of certain products. You prepare balance sheets, quarterly reports and are involved in the annual financial statements.

The focus on corporate management, controlling and accounting are classic disciplines of business administration.

Business studies with a focus on controlling or controlling studies?

Are you particularly interested in a career path in controlling? But are you wondering what is the best way to study for this? On the one hand, you can work your way through your job in the controlling area specialized controlling degree work out. On the other hand, you can also do a general business studies complete and in this context take the focus on controlling.

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The different focal points cover a similar sector, but differ in their details and the subsequent areas of application. Corporate management deals, for example, with the classic management functions. This major provides knowledge of the requirements, tasks and problems with which the management of a company is related.

Accounting comprises all processes that are necessary in a company in order to run it correctly financially and organisationally. In this position, the accounting department records, controls and calculates all company matters relating to money and goods. Accounting can be assigned to controlling as a sub-area.

In essence, controlling supports the management and senior managers in a company and provides information that supports management decisions. At the same time, Controlling creates forecasts of how the planned decisions will affect the company, how they are to be assessed, and then reviews the actual effects of the decisions.

The focal points mentioned here are mutually dependent and closely related, so that a strict delimitation from one another does not necessarily make sense. Many universities are happy to offer a combination of these variants as a focus. Other major fields of study that include this area of ​​business administration are banking, taxation and finance. Many universities also like to use the English terms for the main areas of study, such as accounting or taxation.

The following course contents can be part of your business administration studies in the field of corporate management, controlling or accounting:

  • Growth and internationalization strategies
  • Management theories
  • Group accounting
  • Investment, service, area controlling
  • Capital market theory
  • Company valuation
  • Corporate management and organization
  • Cost analysis, cost management and process management
  • Accounting and analysis, accounting policy
  • Risk management
  • Strategic corporate management
  • Cost and performance accounting
  • Cash flow statement
  • Tax accounting for operating expenses and operating income


Business administration with a focus on corporate management, controlling or accounting


As a graduate, you will be able to juggle with numbers of all kinds. You control, analyze and plan new investments and can assess opportunities and risks for the company.

Example Course content:

  • Management theories
  • Accounting
  • Risk management
  • Cost and performance accounting
  • Investment controlling

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Would you like to get into finance? The business administration and management studies at the Cologne Business School offer the right focus for this. Controlling and financial management equip you for a career in investment companies, banks and more. Further details can be found in the information material.

With a degree in business administration with a focus on controlling, accounting or corporate management, you have numerous career options. You will become an expert in dealing with numbers and will be able to work in many industries and company areas. You can choose from the following professions, among others:

  • Controller
  • Auditors
  • tax consultant
  • auditor
  • Cash manager
  • Accountant

Detailed information about the Professions in corporate management, controlling & accounting we have put together for you in our professional world. Here you will find detailed information about starting your professional life, jobs, salaries and lots of tips on applying. In addition, we conducted interviews with business administration graduates, who give an insight into their everyday working life, so that you can get an idea of ​​what is hidden behind the various job titles.

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