Why do vaginas get sore after sex

Sore vagina - Here you can find out everything about avoiding and treating a sore vagina

Treatment of itching, burning and sore feeling in the vagina

Irritation and dryness in the genital area can be completely cured in most cases with the right treatment. Strong medication is not always required for this, as symptoms can be treated at home with simple but effective means.

For example, you can try Femigel from Australian Bodycare. Femigel is a gel used to treat dryness, soreness and irritation of the external genitals. The gel quickly restores the skin's natural moisture balance and makes itching, irritation and dryness disappear again.

Femigel is a hormone-free, water-based gel and is rich in the active ingredient tea tree oil, which is known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. The sensitive genital area is particularly prone to bacterial infections, which can irritate and dry out. By using the gel, you can protect your skin and give it moisture.

How often you should use Femigel depends on your symptoms. In the case of slight burning and dryness, it is sufficient to use the gel every three days. If your symptoms are severe, you can apply the gel to your genital area twice a day. Before applying the gel, gently cleanse the area around your labia with intimate wash lotion.

Forget about aggressive chemicals - Femigel is dermatologically and gynecologically tested and completely free from parabens.

Thanks to its natural ingredients, you can safely use Femigel every day, even on the sensitive skin of your labia.

Let's take a look at the results of our clinical study:

Femigel was put through its paces in a four-week clinical study. According to the study, 9 out of 10 women reported that itching and sore feeling had completely disappeared from the gel. Here are the exact results:

  • Femigel was able to eliminate the itching in 100% of women.
  • Femigel was able to eliminate the dryness in 94% of women.
  • Femigel was able to remove irritation in 94% of women.
  • Femigel was able to remove unwanted odors in 88% of women.