How often do you change your wallets

Pickpockets: be careful in the crowd!

The tricks of the pickpockets

Mostly pickpockets go in Teams of multiple offenders division of labor before. In doing so, they use tricks or hit at something they caused themselves Crowd too. Be a victim of pickpocketing especially women. The repertoire of pickpockets is extremely extensive, new tricks are known almost every day:


The flower trick

They greet the victim amicably, hug them or put a flower on them. While the victim is puzzled, the wallet disappears.


The wrong tourist trick

Fake tourists ask their victims for directions and show them a city map. While the victim tries to help and takes the card in both hands, the fake tourists steal something from their purse.


The jam generator trick

They block the escalator and let the victim and others run up. While everyone is looking ahead, the congestion producers bend down and their accomplices reach into the victim's pocket from behind.


The window-knocking trick

The window knockers knock from the outside on the window of trains or buses. Accomplices in the car steal the distracted victim's valuables.


The jostling trick

They bump into their victims in a crowd or "pinch" them with accomplices. While the victim is distracted, she or her accomplices reach into their pockets.


The dirty trick

They "accidentally" stain their victims. The victim's money disappears from the pocket of their clothing when they attempt to clean it for a long time.


The jostling trick

In full buses or trains, a thief moves uncomfortably close to the victim, who turns his back on him and offers the bag “within reach”.


The currency exchange trick

They ask the victim to change a coin. When the victim pulls out the wallet and opens the coin compartment, they are distracted from the perpetrator. While he throws his coin into the purse, for example, he takes out banknotes.


The supermarket trick

In the supermarket, strangers ask the victim about certain goods. While it is looking for it, the bag on the shopping cart is emptied.


The lift-up trick

In a restaurant, someone claims to be able to estimate the victim's weight. When lifting, he or an accomplice “pulls” the wallet.


The begging trick

Children hold a sheet of paper in front of the victim in the pub asking for a donation. Or they frolic around the victim in the street and beg them. One uses the distraction to quickly reach for the wallet or handbag.


The bag carrier trick

“Bag carriers” spy out older women when they go shopping and offer them apparently helpful advice to carry the shopping home. There they hurry up the stairs with their bags, while the older person doesn't follow behind so quickly. On the way they take out the wallet, put the bag in front of the door and greet the victim. The loss is only noticed later.