Helps homeopathy with problems with the lumbar spine

Homeopathy for back pain, intervertebral discs, lumbago

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Listed are the typical features or indications and the homeopathic medicines used:
  • Shooting pain, spasmodic, numbness.
    Lying on the painful side improves the condition.
  • Muscle tension, tearing, cramp-like pain, turning is difficult when lying down. Movement and warmth worsen the clinical picture. The condition is worse in the morning and at night.
    Nux vomica
  • Stinging, pulling pains, stiffness, muscle tension. Worse with every movement and with warmth. Rest improves, movement worsens the condition.
  • After exertion, worse lying down. Rest improves, movement worsens the clinical picture.
  • Back is "as if broken", stiffness, numbness. Often after being soaked and cold. Slight continued movement and warmth improve the clinical picture.
    Rhus toxicodendron

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