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Finding the right bra is often more difficult than finding Mr. or Mrs. Right. We will help you calculate the bra size and buy a bra: With these tips you will finally find what you are looking for.

I have tons of bras; my drawer is literally overflowing. But I wear exactly two models of them; my favorite bras. You are the only ones with whom I don't get the circles after two hours at the latest. No pinching. No cutting. No straps that slip over your shoulder all the time. A dream. I want more of it. But how?

Who his Calculate bra size must be a genius, apparently. Or a lucky guy. Or at least deal a little with the topic. And that's exactly what we're doing now.

Measuring bra size: No witchcraft, but figures

Who the right oneCalculate the size of the bra needs a tape measure and some time. There are two values ​​to be determined. First, the underbust measurement. And second the chest size. To measure the circumference of the underbust, the measuring tape is placed directly below the chest; where the bra band usually sits. Important here: Make sure that the band is tight, but not so tight that it constricts. In addition, the measuring tape must be guided around the body in an even, straight line and not slide up or down anywhere.

The correct bra size then results from this measured value, divided into 5cm steps. Accordingly, the personal measured value must be rounded up or down. For example, if you measure a value of 86cm, it will be rounded down to 85cm; this size applies to the range of 83cm to 87cm. If, on the other hand, you measure 89 cm, it is rounded up to size 90 (size 90 is from 88 to 92 cm).

Then you have to measure the chest circumference by guiding the measuring tape straight around the body at the level of the nipples. The tape should be flush, but not too tight. The correct bra size is now calculated from the difference between your chest size and your underbust size. Measured in centimeters, this results in: 10cm to 12cm = AA, 12cm to 14cm = A, 14cm to 16cm = B, etc.

Bra buying: online or in store?

First of all, you have to ask yourself where you want to buy your new bra: In the store? Or online? Buying a bra online gives you the advantage of being able to try it out at home in peace. Often you are less distracted, take your time and rest and can better empathize with the fit.

For the optimal selection, however, you should always order a wide range of sizes and fits and accept the expense of having to return unsuitable models. On the other hand, those who buy in the store have a specialist at their side, with whose support the bra size calculation is faster.

Buy a bra: does it really fit?

Determining the bra size is an important but theoretical step. It is only in practice that you notice whether the bra is really comfortable and fits perfectly. The first requirement for this is a firm wearing comfort, but the bra should not cut or pinch at any point.

A look in the mirror also helps: your chest should be supported so that it is centered between your shoulders and elbows. Last but not least, you put on a tight white T-shirt. If there are lines or bulges, the bra does not fit perfectly.

Matching bra: that's how important the underbust band is

Many women mistakenly see the reason for a badly fitting bra in an underband that is too tight. This is the decisive factor for the support function of the bra. If the band is too loose, it slips up the back and can no longer support the chest. However, it should not be too tight either, so that the tape does not constrict into the skin.

Still, nobody should shy away from a tight fit; Although you have to get used to this firm wearing comfort, you will then notice how much more comfortable and perfect the bra fits overall. Another tip: When buying, the bra should be able to be closed in the outermost eyelet. The material gives in anyway a little over time, so that you can soon fall back on the first or middle eyelet.

Strap length and temple: you need to know that

The straps sit perfectly when they are so tight that one or two fingers can fit between the shoulder in the straps. This fit must always be checked after washing and after wearing it for the second or third time.

Another tip: If you have to keep the bra straps shorter so that the chest is lifted, this is probably not due to the wrong strap length, but to an underbust band that is too wide. Note: The support function is created by correctly measuring the underbust circumference.

Shape and design: which bra type suits you?

It's not just the size, but above all the type of bra that determines a perfect fit and good hold. These are the most popular bra shapes:

Balconette bra: Typical for this type of bra are the incorporated half-cups and straps that sit extra wide on the outside. The balcony bra lifts the breast and brings it into a taut shape without adding excessive volume.

Push up bra: With the push-up, lined pads are incorporated in the lower part of the cups as well as in the sides, which visually provide an extra portion of fullness and a beautiful shape. You can use it to cheat up to two cup sizes.

Half cup bra: These models are made so that they only cover the lower half of the chest. Not only do they look sexy, they also blend in invisibly in dresses and tops with a deep V-neckline.

Bralettes: Bras without underwire are called bralettes. They are particularly soft and often even do without eyelet closures. Instead, they can be put on like a comfortable top or sports bra.

Minimizer: These bras are particularly suitable for women with a particularly large bust. They are made of a firming fabric that covers almost the entire breast and thus gently brings it into a reduced shape. The wide back strap, which ensures sufficient load-bearing capacity, is also typical.

Cover picture: Gabriel Nunes / Unsplash Picture: gettyimages

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