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Alcohol-free caipirinha - this is the basic recipe


Caipirinha alcohol-free - basic recipe

Ingredients for 2 glasses of 350 ml each:

  • 1 organic lime

  • 4-6 tsp white cane sugar (alternatively brown cane sugar)

  • Ice cubes for crushed ice

  • 700 ml ginger ale


Caipirinha alcohol-free - this is how it is mixed:

  1. For the non-alcoholic Caipirinha organic lime, rinse with hot water, pat dry and cut into 8 wedges. Divide the lime wedges with the sugar in equal parts between 2 glasses and mash them with a wooden pestle.
  2. Put ice cubes in a freezer bag and crush them with a mallet or rolling pin. Alternatively, you can also use ready-made crushed ice. Distribute evenly between the glasses and fill up with 350 ml ginger ale each.

Alcohol-free Caipi with a difference - 3 new recipes

Like the classic caipirinha, the alcohol-free version can also be modified in a great way. For example, the lime is accompanied by other fruits or the ginger ale is replaced by fruit juice.

1. Mango and passion fruit caipirinha

Do you like it exotic? Then try the non-alcoholic classic cocktail with mango and passion fruit juice! As with the basic recipe, add lime and crushed ice to 2 glasses and replace the sugar with 1 tbsp mango syrup. Cut 1 mango from the stone, dice and also distribute between the glasses. 1/3 with passion fruit juice, fill up the rest with soda water and enjoy!

2. Kiwi caipi

If you want to stay in the usual color scheme, the variant with kiwi is a good option. To do this, peel 2 kiwis, cut into cubes and divide with the limes between 2 glasses. Add sugar and crushed ice, fill up with soda water and garnish with 1 mint leaf each. Have fun slurping!

3. Caipi punch for the big round

Punch is very popular at summer barbecue parties. However, consuming alcoholic beverages in blazing heat has its risks. So it makes sense to simply serve alcohol-free caipirinha punch at the next garden party.

The ingredients and the preparation do not differ much from the basic recipe. You only have to tweak the quantities. You need 10 limes, 80 g sugar, 1 liter soda water, 1 liter ginger ale and lots of crushed ice. Mix everything according to the instructions and serve at the garden party!

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