What is a sausage


Those who are well versed can also make sausages at home. Not only the seasoning is important, but also hygiene.

Sausage is a food made from meat. Nowadays, however, there are also vegetarian sausages without meat. Some sausages are there to be spread, for example on bread. Others are easy to cut into slices or pieces.

The skin of a sausage is usually made of intestine. For this, the intestines of slaughtered animals are used, which have been cleaned well. The intestines are filled with meat, salt and spices, and sometimes other ingredients such as peppers, onions or pistachios.

Raw sausage consists of meat that has been dried or smoked, for example. Salami is a raw sausage to cut, Mettwurst one to spread. Cooked sausage such as black pudding and liver sausage consists of pieces of meat that have mostly already been cooked. Boiled sausages such as frankfurter sausages, white sausages or mortadella are made hot.

  • Here in Russia, sausage is made with a large machine.

  • Teewurst is a raw sausage that can be spread, made mainly from pork.

  • A Tyrolean hunting sausage, a boiled sausage

  • The Szynkowa from Poland is a ham sausage.

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