What did an empty wallet teach you

My secret

I have heard from various sources about such an interesting instrument for generating monetary energy - for example, updating and charging the wallet.

Money magic in everyday life is based on material, monetary energies. Plants, colors, stones and talismans are among the carriers of these energies. There are a number of recommendations they can give on how to turn your wallet into a magnet for money and you, my dear readers, listen to your heart and the prompts of the Guardian Angel and choose the recommendations that are right for you.

1. What kind of magic can be used on such a simple everyday object as a woman's handbag?

The money should have a home, that is, a nice wallet that is convenient for them. Wallets are different, but the task for everyone is the same: to keep money. The wallet should not be smaller than 18 cm. The money in the wallet should be tidy, should not be pressed in, the little things should be kept separate from the bills. They love money when they communicate with them lovingly, appreciate them, are not greedy, but treat them with respect and know their price. When you turn a wallet into a carrier of material energy, i. H. buying and calculating according to certain rules, it starts easily and regularly to "draw the same", i. H. money

2. How often do I have to change the "house for money" and on which days is it right to do so?

Change the wallet with a new one, which should be done at least once a year. It is better to do this on the eve of the New Year. When deciding on a new wallet, here are some things to keep in mind. Cheap is not good - it will not attract wealth, it will attract poverty because it expands in a similar way (this is one of the most important laws of the universe that applies to everyone). Therefore, you need a high quality, beautiful wallet with lots of offices for bills, small items and magical paraphernalia. It should look decent and respectable. Money for buying a wallet must be separated easily and joyfully, because in money magic the principle is the same as in life: everything that is given is returned to the owner a hundredfold. Purchase day - Wednesday or Thursday before noon. The moon must be in a growth phase. As soon as you give the seller money for the wallet you bought, take the wallet in your left hand and say, “My money is a tidy house. May they multiply in it. Lord bless you Guardian angel helps. So be it. “Go home without telling anyone about your purchase.

3. What of the magical paraphernalia should I put in a new wallet? What must be in the wallet?

To make money in your wallet, simply and regularly do the following:

Write the following formula on the large banknote of the home currency: Required amount X 27 = infinity symbol (eight lying on its side)

Put the bill in your wallet and carry it as non-replaceable. The arrival of regular amounts for the necessary purchases is guaranteed! If for some reason you don't want to use a banknote for this purpose, you can write a formula on the wallet magic card.

It is good to put a dollar presented by a rich man with good intentions in a new wallet and then put all that other money in. Regularly pull out a wallet with a few drops of peppermint oil - mint is very active in attracting money, qi energy and refreshing these energies - in my practice there have been many cases where after using this tool you returned debts, unexpected income came, opened up new, previously unknown possibilities!

4. What conspiracy must accompany these acts?

The first money is in a new wallet with the words "Keep and multiply!" Placed so you can win even more money. In order to prevent the money in your wallet from being transferred, certain rules apply - the wallet is spent for money on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesdays we read the plot three times on an open wallet: “Since there are many stars in the sky, there is enough water in the sea, so there was a lot of money for everything. Amen. “On Thursday we will calculate it. We take the charger off your mobile phone and put it in your wallet. Plug it into the socket. Let's say from time to time what the process looks like: “I pay the wallet, I attract money. How is the money loaded and the money replenished? So it's the only way! “We believe that the wallet is charged with powerful monetary energy! And above all - INTENT! Put your intention in the wallet (for those who don't know - the intention is your wish) - both orally and in writing! On red or green paper you can - on banknote, write your desires, your intentions, the amount of money you would like to receive and put in your wallet!

5. What can be used to enhance the magical properties of a Vegetable Talisman Purse?

St. John's wort (Root of St. John) - one of the most popular magical plants that brings happiness, success, love and favor to people. Peony root brings good luck if you carry it in your wallet or pocket. You have to fumble your purse in the new moon! You can put mustard seeds in your wallet or you can put cinnamon in a small, tiny green or red bag and keep that in your wallet as well. This attracts money and material wellbeing. Put a piece of horseradish or a small sprig of heather in a separate pocket on your wallet. These plants have the ability to accumulate material energy in large quantities. I also recommend that you actively use the power of the natural symbols of abundance and prosperity - for example, these are wheat, acorns - put several grains of wheat in your wallet - and your money will grow in friendly shoots like yeast! Speaking of yeast - a small bundle of dry yeast in your new wallet is also a great activator of Money Energy - make your money grow fast! Oak - Oak is considered to be the tree of Jupiter and therefore a symbol of good luck. Its leaves and bark have a magical effect, especially in love spells, and whoever has them in their wallet or pocket brings strength and happiness. Clover - a powerful magical plant, is used in several ways. It is carried in a red flannel bag for good luck. To ward off evil, the clover insists in vinegar for three days, and then sprinkles it on all corners of the house. Four-leaf clover brings special luck, and each leaf has its own meaning: the first to the left of the trunk gives fame, the second - wealth, the third - love, the fourth - health. This is one of the few plants that is borne both on its own and in the form of its image. Peppermint - grind the dry leaves of this fragrant grass and turn it into ashes. The owner of the store will attract buyers.

6. What can you say about pebbles that bring money to your wallet?

All green stones and crystals are monetary talismans, but malachite is considered to be the most powerful of all minerals. Keep a small piece of malachite in your wallet, hang this stone in the north corner of your office, or put it in your pocket when you are doing business. It is very good to carry a pebble with a natural hole inside, called the "chicken god". It also attracts money and protects it from unnecessary waste.

7. Is the color and fabric of the purse so important?

In fact, the material is not particularly important, but I will say right away: Polyethylene does not fit because it does not contain material energy. Because of its own artificiality, it also closes access to natural energies and simply does not miss them. Therefore, the most suitable materials are still suede and leather. You can also buy a fabric purse made of silk or velvet and decorate one with precious stones, runes, and symbols that attract wealth.

A red wallet brings a stable income, i. H. Your credit always corresponds to the debit. And the superfluous will never be. Green color increases money growth. This is the color of growth and prosperity - Mother Nature created it herself!

8. Some new rituals for Magic readers?

Put the wallet between two church candles - we light it and say:

"Money comes to me, I feel calm and free, money fills my wallet quickly, I thank fate for help!"

Let the candles burn out; the wallet can be recharged this way for at least a year, even for one-off orders. This ritual is also very helpful with urgent money, for example for unforeseen, pleasant and joyful expenses! When is it better to do:

Sunday is a day of success and career, hence business rituals on this day for the growing moon for development, for a waning moon - for the removal of obstacles!

Thursday - career, finances, wellbeing!

If you can't wait, you can recharge any other day, and then and on Thursday and Sunday it is best to recharge very strong energies early in the morning until 9 or 12 a.m. at 5-6 a.m.!

9. The editorial team receives many questions about using a numeric code to raise funds. What can you say about this code?

Such a code exists. This is a combination of numbers 7753191. The rules for working with the code are pretty simple. You have to know it by heart, repeat it several times a day, and it has to be in your wallet. Write on an unchangeable note or on one of the money cards mentioned above. Such talisman cards are created under certain conditions magical rituals, they include sacred signs that attract the energy of wealth and abundance, and when combined with the law of money, their effect is only enhanced! I will answer each one in more detail about the talismans and the conditions of purchase, because space in the newspaper is limited and you can talk a lot about this topic, and believe me, there is something to be said!

10. What symbols must be worn for generating money and business success?

We live in such a wonderful time when in any esoteric and jewelry store you can buy the necessary magical attributes in the form of jewelry without fear of anyone. These magical products from the brand "Pacing Luck" (translated as "bring luck") have proven themselves very well. The Singapore company specializes in the cultivation of four-leaf clover and the production of jewelry for good luck and is becoming increasingly popular in Ukraine. For example, the talisman in the form of a pendant - "eight with natural clover" - is a symbol of infinite happiness, prosperity and material success. It is very auspicious to wear this universal symbol of harmony, peace and prosperity. If you want to increase your happiness for the next 20 years, the G8 sign is for you! The "Horseshoe Luck" pendant brings luck and happiness, but also protects against negative external influences. The talisman pendant of the zodiac circle preserves the power of centuries-old traditions: it is a good protection against adversity, protection from the evil eye and other evil spells and in combination with a four-leaf clover it is successful in business, gives strength and strength, has a beneficial effect Mind and soul physical health of a person: this product is universal and at the same time individual, that is, it may fit thousands of people, but everyone will set it up in their own way and breathe a piece of their soul into it. Wearing a unique “zodiac circle with clover” pendant helps to awaken unknown forces that have slept in you so far without neglecting your wishes!
Good luck, good luck! May God's gift of prosperity be present in your blessed life every day!


How do I buy the right wallet?

A new wallet should be solid, attractive, expensive and have multiple compartments. A cheap product attracts poverty, and the emptiness inside is tainted with a long lack of money. Wallet bills should never be spent to the end, otherwise nothing will be bought for a last penny. Careless handling and disregard of paper notes is costly to the owner. When buying a new handbag, you need to read the corresponding conspiracy on the wallet and, in the future, follow the basic rules of dealing with finances. Monetary energy determines its own laws.

In order for them not to run away, the bills must be properly distributed in descending order and turned inside out. The wallet should be free of foreign objects: notes, photos, recipes, tickets, receipts. If the money periodically falls to the ground - it is not good luck.

The storage for money should not be less than 18 cm and should be changed at least once a year. The best time for this procedure is New Year's Eve. The most suitable day of the week is the first half of Wednesday or Thursday. In this case, the moon should be in the growth phase but not reach the first quarter. After paying to buy it, you need to take it in your left hand and say in your head:

“Be a decent house to my house and multiply it. The Lord will bless it and the Guardian Angel will help. Amen. "

Nobody is notified of their purchase, and they silently return home from the store.

Money storage magic

What cannot be kept in a wallet

"Dead" bills and fines (not in circulation) cannot be stored in the new wallet. It is possible to put all money samples (including foreign ones) in the house. A plot is read above the wallet:

“The coin to the coin expands, and wealth with luck rushes to me. The money is constantly ringing and rushing in the new wallet. They are beautiful dresses, shiny rings are bought and there is enough for everything. According to my key, lock, language. Amen. "

This product should be with the owner by evening and can be used the next day.

When the purse is bought as a gift, a coin is placed in it so that the new owner always carries money. If you are buying a "money house" you must have a preference for beige, brown, red, or green.

Money talisman in the wallet

We use talismans

To improve the financial situation financial mascots, which can serve as a mint leaf or clover (or as a sachet of mint tea), Chinese coins with a red ribbon, red sheet of paper, tea, heather, aspen leaf or horseradish root are made.
Our ancestors also knew that there are plants in nature that bring love, happiness and well-being towards a person. It is common to keep peony roots, mustard seeds, and wheat in a green or red bag, and acorns, leaves, or oak bark in a purse.

Powerful money mascot is the US currency with a value of one dollar and attracts material goods. This phenomenon is due to the fact that the all-seeing eye is on the back of the Egyptian pyramid on the back of the dollar - a symbol of success. It is folded in a triangle and housed in the smallest compartment.

To attract cash flow and protect it from unauthorized violations, images of magical runes are used - “Feu” and “Otal”. Signs on the carved squares are applied with a marker or gold paint.

Cash flow rituals

Attract cash flows

An old wallet just isn't thrown away. It's in the eastern part of the room along with a small, cheerful bill, and a month later the bill is converted to a larger one.

A purchased purse with "silver coins" should remain on the windowsill during the growing moon (up to the first quarter) and conspire three times on a new purse:

“I start talking to myself and my wallet to get a constant amount of cash. So the money keeps increasing in it, as if there were stars in the sky. To increase their number when the moon comes. Anyone who steals my wallet is supposed to take with them misfortunes with a numb lack of money that I will never see. Amen."

On the third day, each invoice is placed in the wallet and can be used from this point on.

Right tips

In order to always make money in the house, you should listen to the experience of the ancestors:

  • - there should always be a little something in your wallet;
  • - In order for large amounts of money to be displayed in the house during the week, you need to distribute all the small things from the wallet to the poor on Sunday or spend them with benefit.
  • - the money must be in the pockets of the clothes hidden for storage;
  • - It is not recommended to swap large bills for small ones. This causes additional costs.
  • - Regular recalculations of bills (especially written ones) are the key to prosperity.
  • - If there is a lot of money in your wallet, you need to bring it to your lips and say three times:
  • - Manipulation of the money after sunset can lead to ruin;
  • - on Monday and Friday the debts do not pay back and on Tuesday they do not borrow money.
  • - Banknotes borrowed on Sunday will not be returned.
  • - crazy lucky incomes do not bring you, you have to get rid of them first;
  • - For the service it is necessary to give a generous reward in the form of "tips", the money is returned in larger amounts.
  • - You cannot lend money to a person who owes something because they will not return.
  • - Money loves happy and happy people;
  • - Foreign banknotes must be in a separate pocket;
  • - receiving a salary or other income, it is not recommended to spend the same day; Bills should spend the night indoors;
  • - They do not take money from hand to hand and do not give money to poor people because they can transmit the negative energy of an unhappy person who is burdened with financial losses in repaying the debt.

Strong conspiracy for material well-being


In the time of the growing moon, you need to loosen your hair, take off your shoes and sit by the window. A new wallet must be crossed three times, a gold product is placed in the church to light a church candle and utter the following magical conspiracy:

“Put the month with silver horns and gold-silver in my wallet. The way it grows pours saturates with money. Amen. "

Psychologists also advise writing the magic formula on the largest fixed paper bill in your wallet (the amount required is x 27 = ∞). The financial fortune brings money that is donated by a man with good intentions. In order to improve material affairs, the purse lining should be periodically moistened with mint oil, which serves as a magnet for monetary energy.

Money is never superfluous. Often there are situations when a person is constantly getting into financial trouble and life becomes quite uncomfortable. To help solve this problem, the plot in a new wallet can be properly selected. This will help avert financial failure and achieve a stable flow of funds. Conspiracy is a special ritual, the use of magical words and actions to achieve a necessary goal. In this case, the main goal - this is funding and its constant growth.

In order for the wallet conspiracy to take effect, there are a few basic requirements that must be met. A valued purse necessarily only needs to be purchased, it is best to prefer a purse made of gold, scarlet or green - this is most "cash" color. It is very important to perform the ritual on the growing moon as this is where the greatest financial wealth is.

Bills from a conspiracy pocket cannot be completely squandered - at least a small amount should always be in there. Also, don't swap large bills for smaller ones too often. It is believed that this will reduce the amount of money available.

So that the money does not flow away, they have to be from large to small, back side inward. Using conspiracies in a wallet should not include inappropriate details - bus tickets, photos, receipts, and other things. In the conspiratorial purse it is forbidden to withdraw money from circulation - they are considered "dead" and suffer financial failure.

When using conspiracies in a wallet, it is very important to believe in the power of your own actions and to use only the positive energy to achieve it. It is best to conduct all rituals independently through the treasurer who is to be employed personally.

Financial bait

Quite a popular and effective conspiracy on a wallet that will help you win money for you, recommends that you take an unused purse in your hand and read the following words:

“Money stays with the coin and winnings with luck are in a hurry here. In the new wallet, money is loud and annoying. New clothes, shiny jewelry were bought for them, and enough for everything. Phrases this key in the lock. Amen. "

Then the wallet should be near the owner by the end of the day and be used for the intended purpose from the next day.

Another action on the wallet is also very effective. It is necessary to hide a nickel inside and not snap through the coin compartment. Then you need to pronounce these words:

“I'll hide a dime, find 10, hide 10, find a thousand. The moon is growing and my finances are multiplying. So be it.

Then the department for the little things that you need to attach to the window and hide. With dawn you can put your money in. At night the power of the moon is a burden on the wallet with the attraction of money.

The main rule of this ceremony is that the nickel that is laid first cannot be wasted. He must always be inside to keep the spell going.

Bait on a silver coin

Another conspiracy on a new wallet. Inside, you must leave a silver coin near the window at all times during the first quarter of the growing moon. Then magic words are pronounced three times:

“I'm talking to myself and this wallet about an endless inflow of money. So money just keeps getting bigger, like the stars in the sky. Increase their numbers as the month grows. Whoever makes this bag is said to have thirty-three misfortunes with the eternal lack of money, but I will never see it forever. Amen. "

The wallet must be left untouched for three days, after which paper money is put in and then you are allowed to use it.

Strong love spell

One effective way to gain money for yourself is through a material wellbeing ceremony. It is necessary to take off your shoes and put your hair down, facing your face directly towards the window. It is necessary to traverse the acquired purse three times and hide in a personal product made of gold. Then a church candle is lit and the words are pronounced:

“Send the moon, silver horns, gold-silver to this wallet. Let him get richer, get fed up, get fed up with money. Amen. "

There is another best practice. During the week, you must put in a new product one at a time, and then a denomination of any value. It is best if the value increases gradually every time. At the same time, the following is pronounced over the product each time:

“While the long walk extends to life, I am drawn to wealth, this money is pulled into this wallet. And there will always be more money in this wallet, but for the benefits they will go. My word is strong These words include heaven and earth, a key and a lock. Amen. "

You can also attract wealth with the following ritual. A completely new product must also be purchased. You need 7 pieces of church candles in green. It is advisable to perform this ritual on Thursday at the growing moon. The purse should be placed in a place where the moonlight falls well and all lit candles should be placed around it.

Then the following text is pronounced:

“The flow of finance is aiming for and storming into this magical wallet that we bought. My income is growing, the expenses will be very low. The power of money protects me, and poverty quickly moves away from the sacred fire. May it be true The word is strong. Amen. "

After that, the charged wallet can no longer be put into the wrong hands, otherwise the magical energy will be lost and it will be very difficult to return it.

Ritual with water

As you know, water has positive energy, so it can be used to increase money. It is necessary to hide each coin in the pocket for trifles and go to the nearest river or spring. There you need to wet the palm of your hand with water and squirt it on the purse three times while saying:

“Voditsa in the river (spring) runs and does not end. So no money will end up in this wallet. Voditsa runs, shiny silver and sparkles. So there will always be money flowing into this wallet, which for me all happens to sparkle and silver. "

It is important to check for water droplets on the surface of the product when pronouncing words.

With one of the rituals mentioned above, you can ensure a permanent cash flow and noticeably improve your financial situation soon. The main thing is that we take on this matter with confidence and sincerely believe in our own actions.

Conspiracy for a new wallet is very useful because everyone wants money in the family. The location of keeping money requires special attention. There are many conspiracies on the subject that will help you achieve material well-being.

In the article:

Land on a new wallet

If you buy a new wallet and talk for money, you are not buying a cheap product and you are not bargaining. Greed is a factor that turns away the flow of monetary energy from many. Cheap and poor quality things carry the energies of need and poverty, and when it comes to a wallet that is directly related to money, the effects of low price and quality will really be felt.

Don't also buy a wallet worth a few of your salaries. Choose the average option between low and high cost. A good wallet may need to be postponed for some time, but believe me, it's worth it.

Material is also important because a synthetic product does not contain energy. Good materials to help you do the magical work of improving your well-being are leather, suede, or at least natural textiles. In no case can money be stored in plastic and polyethylene, these materials do not contain energy and cannot delay what you will invest in them by conspiracy for money.

The color may depend on your preference. However, remember that yellow, gold, and brown are the best options. Black as a neutral color works well too. That is, these are colors associated with the elements of earth and metal. Green is the color of money and nature, a great choice for a wallet. Specialists recommend buying red purses, in their opinion red is the most “monetary” color.

When choosing a wallet, the first thing to do is not catch what is suitable for all of the categories described above. Hold the product in hand and when you notice a comfortable weight, you can buy it.

If you want to give a gift, you shouldn't give an empty thing, but put a coin in it. This is the case with all "empty" gifts - dishes, bags and many others. If you give a purse with money, the material condition will improve not only for the person who intended the gift, but also for you. Remember, generosity is always rewarded and the universe cannot be fooled.

Coins, regardless of whether they are slandered or simply kept in a wallet so that it is not empty, should not be "dead", that is, obsolete. Find another place to store Soviet money and old coins. Only money that can be used should be in the wallet. Foreign but modern money is allowed.

The appropriate phase of the moon for such rituals usually grows. A conspiracy to get a new wallet in the full moon is very rare.

Buy a wallet following the rules outlined above. It is preferable not to buy from a store or boutique and in the market. Shop up and go to a maternity hospital. The department of the hospital where children are treated is not suitable, including kindergartens. What is needed is a maternity hospital - the place where people are born.

It is known that it is now difficult to get to the maternity ward. It is good if you have the opportunity to visit a relative or a friend, or perhaps have tea with a doctor you know. If you don't get it, go under the windows near the building. Your goal is to hear a young child scream, which is what you should read right away:

As long as humanity is born, the wealth in my pocket multiplies. Amen

This should be done on a growing moon, like most conspiracies that involve the gravitational pull and increase of something.

Plot on the wallet after the purchase

In the morning, buy a wallet on the growing moon. Go home immediately after purchase. Take at least one bill and one coin, but in such a way that they are not the same among them. The more money you put in your wallet, the better. Then tell the plot:

Since the money for the coin is in a hurry, wealth and joy flow into a new wallet. And in this handbag there is always a rustling, always ringing, for new clothes, for gifts, but for everything that is dear to the heart. I say the word and do it. Amen

Now you need to carry this wallet with you until you can sleep. When you are going to be at home, carry it in the pocket of your dressing gown, in your bosom, etc. The main thing is that the thing was with you the whole time. Before you go to bed, you can get cash out of your wallet. Despite the fact that they do not need to be kept, this conspiracy should not be made on the borrowed bills.

A purse has to be bought on a growing moon. The wallet ritual takes place in the same phase of the moon and can be repeated every one to two months. The best day for this is Thursday and the time of day is midnight.

Required church candles green in the amount of seven pieces. The more expensive they ask for the seller in the church shop, the better. When buying things for wizardry, you cannot be stingy and apologize for the money. Try to tune in so you don't give the amount you want.

Find every place that the light of the growing month reaches. You can perform the ceremony on the street and at home. Place the wallet on the floor, floor or table and place the candles all around in a circle shape and light them.

Now you have to imagine how the flame of church candles is connected to a bundle of energy of a positive direction that is sent and absorbed in your wallet. While visualizing, read the drawing seven times:

Strive for cash flow
In my magic wallet
Multiply my income.
The minimum was consumption
The energy of money caresses me
And poverty runs from the sacred fire.
So be it my word is forever and ever strong.
Amen! Amen! Amen!

Carry out a plotted object and use it for its intended purpose. Make sure that both the product itself and the contents are in order and cleanliness. Don't give it, don't give it into the hands of relatives. It is also impossible to talk about the ritual. If you want to advise his friend, do not mention your experience.

Christian rite with a new wallet

On a growing moon, buy a wallet, and then perform a rite to bless a new cause, summon monetary energy, and achieve an improvement in material condition. It is better to do this in the evening, ideally at midnight.

Take off your shoes, loosen all the buckles that are on your clothes. Hair needs to be loosened, it shouldn't be bobby pins. All of this interferes with the work with energies, especially with money. If you have a table near the house, sit behind it. If not, you will have to advance for the duration of the ritual. The moon or month should be visible from your location.

Put a candle on the table (better from the church, but if there is none, then take the one available) and light it from the match. Sacrament their purse with the sign of the cross three times during each saying:

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Inside put every product made of gold. It can be a coin, jewelry or a piece of it. The main thing is to keep the thing inside at all times. Close the wallet and read the moon:

Month after month, silver horns, give my wallet gold-silver, so that it grows, pours, saturates with money. Amen

The red color, as mentioned above, attracts money. This is not only believed by Feng Shui specialists, but also by followers. Red wallets begin to speak in the new month on the day of purchase.

So open the window or go outside (you can also go to the balcony, but you must also open the balcony windows). The month should be clearly visible, the night should be clear. Show him your red dress, pick up the product, and read the plot:

Clear month, moonlight! You play with waves, you light up the world in the night! You shake the earth with water! Silushi give you your magic wallet! Let income grow with you, wealth comes, my home is booming!

After reading it, put the money in the wallet. The more there are, the better. Go home and go to bed. Take your wallet with you and put it under a pillow for the night. Try to remember your dreams that you will see that night. They are all cheap or neutral. But if you see a raven in a dream, it means that you will be spoiled with money. Until you get rid of it, the action on the red wallet won't work.

A wallet is an important part of everyone's life. Pick a wallet and focus not only on its looks, but also its ability to "attract money".

Every person keeps your personal money in the wallet. This is a special accessory popular and in demand all over the world. Plus, it's so prone to superstition and showing that it needs to be bought by yourself by following the rules. The main rule when choosing a wallet - focus on one's ability to "raise money".

First, take a look at your real wallet. How is he? If it's old enough, it's cracked or scuffed - it should be changed. The energy of a handbag that has slipped in life is weakened and therefore unable to "attract money". People believe that only a properly selected wallet can do this improve the owner's financial well-being.

"Money" folder should be:

  • Bought during a rising or full moon
  • Have a "cash" color or a color that attracts wealth.
  • Made from natural materials
  • Their shape and color should match your zodiac sign.
  • Have in the "Cash Guard"
How do I choose a "wallet"?

One of the main rules for a wallet that attracts money is: "There must be order in the wallet!". There is some truth in that. Consider how many “extra” items a person carries in their wallet every day: checks, receipts, photos, notes, prayers, symbols, keys, and much more. Human wisdom teaches: "Every thing has its own place!".

Order in your wallet:

  • Only keep the change in the coin compartment, do not leave it in the same pocket with the banknotes.
  • Put bills in a wallet so that they tuck into it as their value increases.
  • All bills must be in your "face" wallet.
  • Remove any extra billing paper from your wallet.
  • Place the cards in the appropriate holes.
  • In one of the secret pockets, place a talisman: a gold coin, dollar, or something else (a claw of preference).
  • Always keep your wallet closed and do not leave any compartments open in your wallet.

How to attract money in the wallet?

Green and Red Purse to Attract Money: What Does Feng Shui Mean?

The ancient Chinese teachings "Feng Shui" ensure that a person lives in harmony with the environment. It presents a wallet for one person as a "money store" and symbol of prosperity in the future. A serious approach to choosing a wallet is a guarantee of prosperity.

"Feng Shui" affirms the importance energy exchange between person and wallet. This advantage is what defines the wallet Attract money. However, this happens far from a literal sense because such a thing does not happen. In this case, we are talking about the person being favored by happiness in the works fate will save him from the unnecessary release of "money for the wind".

Purse for "Feng Shui" should not only be beautiful for you, he must give you moral pleasure. In addition, it is desirable that it be spacious (the larger the wallet, the more money it contains). Buying a new wallet should be exceeded her old wallet in size (or at least had more departments).

How do I choose a wallet for "Feng Shui"?

What not to do when buying a new feng shui wallet:

  • Store relatives' memories in it (photos, postcards, notes, newspaper clippings, etc.).
  • To keep the money found on the street, the stolen money and the money that was presented to you (money that is “just like that” has no positive energy).
  • Try to save money by buying a new wallet ( a cheap wallet does not attract money).
  • Choose a small or compact wallet. It should be spacious enough that the full-size bill will be placed in it. A bent bill has a disturbed energy, money should not have wrinkles.

Never leave your wallet emptyDon't spend all that money down to the last penny. It always has to be something, as they say, "for the bait".

Purse for "Feng Shui"

What does Feng Shui recommend when buying a wallet:

  • Try to buy a wallet from real leather. Such a product not only looks expensive and stylish, the material "attracts" wealth. If leather or suede "you can't afford" try buying a wallet made of a different material: Flax, cotton.
  • Doctrine recommends choosing a wallet of a color that “attracts money. It is believed that has the strongest energy Red color. In addition, it serves as a talisman that "chases away" evil forces.
  • Another way to choose a wallet color is. Each element has a specific element, each element has a specific color.
  • According to Feng Shui, green color also has "monetary" energy. This shadow has a world currency - the dollar.
  • In addition to the color, the wallet must be distinguished by its currency amulet. Such a talisman must be hidden from prying eyes and talked about "about money".

Can a wallet attract money?

How to recharge a new wallet to attract money: the rite, the ritual

The main ritual when buying a new "wallet" - do it while growing new moon. It is believed that whatever a person does on a growing moon contributes to an increase and a decrease - to losses. Buying a wallet on the new moon, when the moon has the most energy, is also a good sign.

Don't save when buying your wallet, pay too much (good luck). If your wallet is yours, try to make a simple conspiracy on your own (see "Conspiracy No. 1"). After that, at home, put silver coins in your wallet and leave the wallet in the moonlight for the night. Read the plot (see "Conspiracy No. 2").

Plot number 1

Plot number 2

What kind of conspiracy to read on a new wallet to make money?

A good talisman for a new wallet that can attract money immutable coin (anything that you cannot exchange and spend: a dime, a dime, etc.). It should be put in the wallet on the first night of his purchase. While inserting the talisman, you need to read the plot.

The plot should be read all by yourself. in a good mood and just believing in every word spoken. Only then can you “instill” a charge of positive energy into your wallet that attracts wealth and wealth. After reading the plot, put the wallet under the pillow and only pick it up in the morning.

Money conspiracy

How to put money in the wallet?

Purse "loves order". This is why you shouldn't have money in your "messy" wallet. This harms the energy of these accessories and leads to an "outflow" of wealth.

Purse rules:

  • The first note you see in your wallet should be a large denomination and the last should be the smallest.
  • Try to keep in your wallet nice, even and not torn bills (get rid of this money immediately: spend or exchange). Wrong money is also undesirable.
  • Well, when you have a dollar in your wallet. (This note is considered a powerful talisman as it has a Masonic mark for wealth).
  • Take the money with your left hand and pay with your right. Such a rule attracts wealth.

How do you make a "money" wallet?

What you can put in a wallet to attract money: money talismans

Wallet wards can be:

  • First self-made note
  • Win the lottery ticket
  • Chinese "lucky" coin
  • Non-exchange slip
  • Immutable coin
  • 1 dollar bill
  • Money note origami talisman
  • Money conspiracy handwriting
  • Money rune
  • Coin made of gold or silver

Every "monetary" amulet has to be "felt". Choose a spell for yourself and focus on your intuition. You can lock the stones according to your zodiac sign.


Mouse in the wallet for money, what is it?

This amulet is very popular. It's made in the form of miniature mouse. It is common practice to put it in any compartment of your wallet (preferably the one it won't fall out of).

A mouse is considered a talisman because (like a real mouse) it can "settle down" in a wallet. People believe that the mouse is so grateful for the "apartment" that it tries to thank its owner by pulling money into its wallet.

This mouse should Put in a new wallet on the growing moon it is advisable to read the plot. Of course, finding such a talisman is very difficult. It must be made of natural material (e.g. clay) or a precious metal.

Mouse - charm in the wallet

Can I buy a black wallet with butterflies on it?

Modern fashion has a huge impact on a person's life. It extends to accessories and everyday use, especially on the wallet. How can you be in this situation? The fact is, designers cannot control the flow of affairs and can limit the "flow of money" into your wallet.

Even black, purple, blue and other colors of accessories can ensure your financial well-being. The main thing is they should love your wallet outwardly and not have any inconvenience in using it. Choose a wallet that looks very attractive to you. The accessory can be embossed or decorative: straps, rivets, patterns.

A purse to attract money, what is that supposed to be?

Can I buy a used wallet?

Buy it already old wallet considered a bad sign. While in use, the wallet can absorb human energy. Therefore buy used wallet, You acquire the "fate" of a stranger. Not the fact that it was secured.

New wallet required must be completely new. Only such an accessory will help positive changes in your life and collect money. Only a new wallet can "teach" the magic of riches and fortunes. Buy a wallet from a store, market, or website. Try to pay more than necessary for the wallet. Such a gesture will allow "Earn money".

Can i buy an old wallet?

What to do if you donate an empty wallet

Give an empty wallet - bad luck. It is believed that an empty wallet will be donated to bukinder to help him "Will be empty in the future". Give a wallet as a gift with a little bit of money (or more at your own discretion).

Even a bill in the featured wallet will be a good talisman for him in the future. It is advisable to put a gift in the wallet shimmer of reds. If your budget is very bad, even a coin will do. Choose a nice, smooth and new invoice. Try not to give a cheap or substandard wallet. Choose a product made from real leather.

How do you give a wallet? Can I give an empty wallet?

Is it possible and how is the old wallet thrown away?

Another important rule when buying a new wallet - get rid of old. This has to be done literally. Remove all foreign objects from the wallet: discount cards, old photos, charms and checks ( any information about you).

Mentally (or in words) Say goodbye to your old wallet. Thank him for real life and just throw him in the trash. It is desirable to do this in the morning or in the afternoon. (not in the evening and not at night). Best to throw away the wallet during the rising of the moon. So you can "win" and not "lose".

In no case should you keep an old wallet around the house. It will attract the energy of an "empty" wallet and prevent it from attaining financial well-being with the help of a new accessory.

What to do with the old wallet Can i throw it away

Can I keep a photo in my wallet: sign

What's the bad thing about having photos of loved ones in your wallet? The fact is, money is not only good, but also energy can wear a negative. The negative accumulates in the people who kept it from you (and hundreds and thousands have done so).

Your loved ones will be in your wallet Absorb both the good and the bad effects of money. This is fraught with misfortune, illness and other "chronic problems". A wallet is just a place for money and cards with money.

Can I save photos in my wallet?

Where can I buy a good wallet?

You can buy a wallet anywhere. There is a shop or market in every city that sells these accessories. Even so, modern internet resources will help you choose the right wallet model of the color you want.


  • In you have the option to buy wallets famous world brands: stylish, beautiful, high quality and made from natural materials.
  • In, you can buy a wallet of any shape, color, and design at an affordable price. There are a variety of models made from artificial and natural materials.