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You don't know what to do with your books? is your online shop for the sale of used books, e.g. from the fields of non-fiction and fiction. We at reBuy are at your side at every step of the sale of used books: for example Simon Beckett's Decay or The Perfect Home Network. Achieve reasonable fixed prices and avoid the time investment and uncertain price at auctions. Register in our shop and get started right away. Sell ​​old books quickly and easily on

You can always keep track of things in the sales box that has been set up personally for you and can sell more than just old books. Our book purchase offers plenty of space for your second-hand books, such as The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes. You can sell biographies at, but also specialist books and entertainment literature. You will also find software, electronics, consoles and many other products. At reBuy, transparency comes first: Keep track of your income and payments at all times while you are selling used books. With no hidden costs or sales fees, selling books is easy and satisfying. Selling used books online is therefore very easy with reBuy. Further processing is also quick and uncomplicated: We at reBuy will take care of shipping for you from a value of 10 euros. Have you been a student until recently? Then you can also sell your university and school books.

Due to their nature and constant use, books are exposed to a high risk of wear and tear. It is therefore important to carefully examine used books when purchasing them. For this purpose, reBuy has specialist staff who are exclusively dedicated to grading, i.e. evaluating the quality of used books. Numerous attributes are examined here. Four of the twenty grading criteria are, for example, the degree of soiling, torn out, stuck or yellowed pages. There are gradations in the respective criteria that can be reflected in the purchase price. Such a criterion is, for example, the degree of yellowing. This can vary in strength. If the degree of yellowing is very strong, a book will not be accepted, whereas a light to medium degree will be accepted. Another relevant feature is a creased book spine. Here, too, gradations are made in order to classify a slightly to severely kinked book spine. A slightly bent spine is assumed, but can lead to downgrading (lowering of the purchase price).

Therefore, some of the books sold at reBuy look like new and others have signs of use, but these do not hinder the flow of reading and therefore do not represent any serious damage. Depending on the degree of wear and tear, these books are cheaper when sold, so that a fair price-performance ratio is created. Hence our tip: Careful handling is always an advantage, because everyone benefits from it. First of all, the seller through a good selling price and the buyer of the book through flawless second-hand goods.

Use the easy way if you sell old books for free and place them in our online shop. In addition, we are happy to assist you as a competent partner and offer you help, tips and tricks on selling books online. Take part and trust in the experience of one of the largest providers in the field of reCommerce. Your books are worth it.