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There was an explosion in a residential building in Rettenbach on Sunday. Two people were killed. Now the police are investigating.

  • Around 10 a.m. on Sunday, a house in Rettenbach im Allgäu completely exploded.
  • Six people lived in the house - a single woman and a family of five (parents and three children).
  • The single woman was away at the time of the explosion, and two of the children were in a playground.
  • Mother, father and a seven-year-old daughter were buried. The mother was recovered seriously injured around noon.
  • She drew attention to herself with screams from the cellar.
  • Rescue workers discovered two bodies in the ruins. It concerns the family man and the daughter (7).
  • The cause of the tragedy has now been established.

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Update, May 23, 2019:For the victims of the house explosion in the Allgäu, the municipality of Rettenbach is holding a funeral service this Friday afternoon. The mayor announced this on Thursday. A 42-year-old man and his seven-year-old daughter were killed in the explosion on Sunday. The 39-year-old mother suffered severe burns and was still in critical condition on Thursday.

The Ostallgäu district office has set up an appeal for donations for all those affected. In the meantime, the criminal investigation department and the public prosecutor's office have started investigations into unknown persons for negligent homicide and assault. Construction work on the property is believed to have damaged a liquefied gas pipeline, which allowed gas to enter the house.

House explosion in the Allgäu: father and daughter (7) die - police investigate because of negligent homicide

Update, May 22nd, 1:16 p.m .:After the explosion in a residential building in Rettenbach, in which a father and his young daughter died and the mother was seriously injured, the police are now investigating for negligent homicide. This is reported by the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation, citing investigators.

Apparently a liquid gas pipeline was damaged during construction a few years ago on the property. The gas had seeped into the house unnoticed. Then there was an explosion. The investigators now want to check whether the construction work that took place a long time ago could have actually led to the leak and whether this could have triggered the accident later.

Another terrible incident occurred when an explosion set a house in flames in Hamburg and a missing man was found dead in the cemetery, as reported by nordbuzz.de.

House explosion: father and daughter (7) die - Now it is clear how the tragedy came about

Update from 5:31 p.m .:It was just a sad guess so far. But now it is clear what caused the devastating explosion in Rettenbach, in which a man and a child died.

As the police announced on Monday, a damaged line for liquefied gas was discovered next to the completely destroyed house. This probably caused gas to flow into the house over a longer period of time - the building itself had no gas connection. Police spokesman Jürgen Krautwald: "How this damage was caused and how the liquid gas got into the residential property has not yet been conclusively clarified."

The damage is estimated at around 1.5 million euros.

House explosion in Rettenbach: District Office wants to collect money for the victim family

Update, 3:04 p.m .: After the explosion of a single-family house in Rettenbach, in which a man and his seven-year-old daughter were killed, the district administrator Maria Rita Zinnecker wants to collect money for the victims. The mother of the family of five was taken to hospital seriously injured after the explosion. The couple's two sons and a lodger were not in the house at the time of the explosion.

The district administrator wants to support the victim family with the donation campaign. She says: “We will send the money quickly and unbureaucratically.” Zinnecker himself was there on Sunday and looked at the salvage work. The residents, whose houses were damaged by the explosion, should also receive financial support.

"Spooky atmosphere": father and daughter (7) dead - mystery about the cause of the explosion

Update, 2:43 p.m .: After the two bodies were found in the completely destroyed house in the Allgäu, Kripo specialists are now looking for the cause of the explosion.

According to the authorities, there are gas pipes in the street in front of the house. So far it is unclear whether and how far a line might lead to the property of the house. "When looking for the cause of the accident, it will play a role: What supply lines does this house have?" Said police spokesman Jürgen Krautwald.

The police expect that further excavations will be necessary to clarify the cause. The work on the accident site could still take days, said Krautwald. Concrete information on the amount of damage was also initially not possible. The operation was also made difficult by rain on Monday.

Update, 9.43 a.m.: An on-site expert reports Merkur.de* that it must very likely have been a gas explosion, otherwise such destruction would not have been possible. Even though the house itself is not connected to the gas pipeline, if there is a leak it can still force gas into the house via the basement, perhaps through a shower installed there. In the end, only a spark is enough and the gas-air mixture ignites explosively. Experts have yet to clarify the exact cause.

Video: Pictures of the exploded house in Rettenbach

In addition, a witness reports on the rescue work during the night. In some cases, all generator sets and therefore all lights had to be switched off for a few minutes so that the search dogs could hear possible noises from people buried without being exposed to noise. It was a "ghostly atmosphere" when several hundred helpers stood in the dark at the scene of the accident and listened for signs of life, according to the witness.

Update, 9.15 a.m.: The cause of the devastating explosion remains unclear. At first a gas explosion was suspected, but the BR reports that the house had no natural gas connection at all. There is only a gas pipe in the street. The experts are therefore puzzled because no other explosive agents have been found either. A special physicist and another reviewer were called in.

Explosion in Rettenbach's house: the seven-year-old girl is also dead

Update, 8.28 a.m.: Now there is a sad certainty. The seven-year-old girl has now also been found dead. This was announced by a spokesman for the BRK on Twitter.

The emergency services were on duty for more than 20 hours after the house exploded. Until the very end, the rescuers hoped to find the girl (7) still alive in the ruins of the ruins - in vain.

House explodes in Ostallgäu: body discovered in ruins in Rettenbach

Update from May 20, 2019, 6:06 a.m.: After the explosion of a residential building in Ostallgäu, the rescue workers discovered a corpse in the ruins. It is allegedly a missing 42-year-old, said a police spokesman early Monday morning. The seven-year-old daughter is still missing. The police said in a press release that they will continue to search for the child with all their might.

The cause of the explosion was still unclear on Monday morning. The criminal police investigated.

There are currently around 100 volunteers from the volunteer fire brigades, the technical aid organization and the rescue service, as well as the forces from the Marktoberdorf police station and the criminal investigation department.

A total of up to 350 emergency services looked for the missing on Sunday. The technical relief organization set up headlights to illuminate the scene of the accident. In addition to detection dogs, specialists with a camera probe and a total of four helicopters were also in action.

Violent explosion in residential building: The news from May 19, 2019

Update, 10:47 p.m .: As it was said on site, the rescued mother was in the shower when the house exploded. The search for her husband and daughter continues overnight. The explosion was so violent that ruins of the house flew up to 300 meters and damaged neighboring houses. 15 residents had to leave their apartments at times.

Update, 8:50 p.m .: Whether the two missing can still be found alive is completely open in the evening. Specialists drill through the two concrete ceilings on top of each other and use an endoscope camera to search for the victims. Even the sniffer dogs that kept running through the rubble did not work. The emergency services also have to be replaced again and again, as the work is extremely demanding, both mentally and physically. The threat of thunderstorms worries the emergency services, because it is already starting to drizzle and heavy rain is expected until midnight.

Violent explosion in residential building: father and daughter (7) are buried further

Update, 8.30 p.m.: The search for two buried victims is still ongoing. It is a 42-year-old father and his five-year-old daughter. The mother (39) was rescued around noon and was hospitalized with serious injuries.

Update, 6:18 p.m .: After the severe explosion of a house in the Allgäu, the rescue workers want to continue the search for the two missing persons, who are a father and his daughter, on Monday night. "We continue, that's not an issue," said police spokesman Edmund Martin on late Sunday afternoon. The emergency services prepared to illuminate the scene of the accident with headlights. The mother was recovered seriously injured.

Rettenbach explosion in residential building: sniffer dogs in action

Update 4:55 p.m .: The frantic search is still going on. 340 rescuers are now helping. Some of them worked with their bare hands to find the victims. Where the house once stood is now only a pile of stones and beams. The roof of the house fell to the ground. It is anticipated that the search and recovery work could continue into the late evening or night. Sniffer dogs are also used.

Update 4.30 p.m .: The explosion had devastating consequences and the apartment building was almost razed to the ground. On Merkur.de* you will find a photo gallery of the explosion in Rettenbach.

Update 3:15 p.m .: A man and a child are still missing after the devastating explosion in Rettenbach. "When I got here, one house was just missing in the row, as if it had been blown up. You can't imagine that," says police spokesman Edmund Martin aloud News5the anxious minutes after arriving at the scene. According to the police, a young couple and a family of five are said to have lived in the two-family house. Both the couple and two children are said to have not been in the house at the time of the accident.

170 rescuers are on site, sniffer dogs are in action. Experts who have already helped with earthquakes have also been flown in. "We leave no stone unturned and want to find the missing people as quickly as possible," said Martin.

Update 1:12 p.m .: According to the police, there should also be a man and a child among those buried. So far, however, only one woman has been rescued from the destroyed house. A gas explosion is currently suspected to be the cause of the accident. It is unclear how this came about.

Explosion in Rettenbach: first seriously injured recovered

Update 12.41 p.m.: After the house explosion in the Ostallgäu district, rescue workers rescued a seriously injured woman at noon. A police spokesman said on Sunday that four other people are still believed to be in the rubble. According to the spokesman, a gas explosion is now suspected as the cause of the accident on Sunday in Rettenbach am Auerberg.

Explosion in Rettenbach: The photo shows the extent of the disaster

Update 12.24 p.m.:

It is still unclear whether there are injured or even dead in the rubble of the residential building in Rettenbach. Pictures now show the full extent of the disaster. Apparently only rubble remains of the three-story house. The situation is still confusing.

Numerous helpers from the fire brigade and the Bavarian Red Cross are on site. A rescue dog is also used, the spokesman said. The helpers first tried to lift the roof of the house from the heap of rubble.

Explosion in residential building: Police suspect people to be in ruins

Update 11:33 a.m .: According to current police information, four people are missing. It is assumed that they are locked in the damaged house.

The explosion was so violent that, according to police, it also hit two surrounding houses. What triggered the explosion is currently still unclear.

First report from May 19, 11.12 a.m .: Explosion in residential building in Allgäu

Rettenbach am Auerberg - An explosion occurred on Sunday morning (19.05) in a residential building in the Ostallgäu district. The roof of the three-story building is now on the ground floor, said a police spokesman for the German press agency.

Explosion in Rettenbach: Possibly people trapped

So far, there is no information about the injured. It is believed, however, that people could still be trapped in the building. According to this, seven people are registered at the address in Rettenbach am Auerberg.

Further information was not yet possible. Police and rescue workers are on site.

More information will follow shortly.

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