At what age does puberty end?

Boys in puberty - that's changing

For around 95 percent of all boys, puberty begins between the ages of ten and 14 - and thus around a year later than girls. From this point on, her boyish body begins to become more manly. Testicular growth begins at around ten years of age, and the first pubic hair starts at twelve. The voice becomes deeper, the beard and other body hair grow. The back and chest widen and the first pimples appear.

Muscles and bones grow in size

But that's not all: the body develops rapidly over a period of around two to four years. The bones increase in density. Muscle and bone mass double by the beginning of the 20th year.

Some boys also observe breast growth during puberty. This is - under the influence of the sex hormones - only temporary. The so-called puberty gynecomastia can occur on one or both sides and is usually completely harmless. It is more common in overweight boys. However, if the swelling in the breast does not subside, a doctor should help.

The first ejaculation

Another sign of puberty is the first ejaculation. What triggers this has not yet been definitively clarified. What is certain, however, is that hormones such as testosterone have to stimulate the production of sperm cells and sex gland secretions in order for ejaculation to be possible. At a certain point, the epididymis and vas deferens are so full that the body wants to reject this amount, so to speak. A sexual dream can help with this, and for many also the first masturbation.

Puberty - the timing is important

Premature puberty is when boys develop secondary sexual characteristics such as pubic hair and beard growth, accelerated growth in height and the smell of sweat in boys before the age of nine. In almost 50 percent of the cases there is no explanation for this. Experts estimate that gene variants, previous changes in the brain, triggered by accidents, injuries or tumors, could be responsible.

Delayed puberty is used when boys do not show any changes after the age of 15 or when the development of puberty has stopped for more than 18 months. Then it is advisable to consult a doctor.