Which US city should I move to?

New York, L.A. or Phoenix? Which cities are Americans drawn to - and from where do they flee?

When it comes to moving to a new location, a number of factors such as well-paying jobs, affordable housing, the cost of living or the climate play an important role.

In recent years, these have not infrequently caused US citizens to leave their current place of residence. For example, in times of recession, many US citizens moved to large cities, where better job opportunities arose. In the upswing years, on the other hand, people fled large metropolises because life was becoming increasingly difficult due to the excessively high housing and living costs. “Cities where taxes are low and housing costs reasonable will see a large influx of people in the next five to ten years,” KGC Direct demographer Ken Gronbach told The Realtor.

The data experts at The Realtor.com wanted to know which US cities Americans are particularly drawn to - and which ones they flee the most. Using population data from the US Census Bureau between 2012 and 2016, the study authors determined the difference between selected metropolises, which results from the number of citizens moving in and out.

Where you can get better living space for the same price ...

The data collection indicated that the city most Americans are considering as a new place to live is Phoenix, Arizona, United States. The net immigration here is 37,188 people. The region has become a haven for many citizens fleeing the expensive west coast cities. The huge retirement homes such as Sun City and the one-story houses with enclosed gardens are a hallmark of the city. The stable economy ensures that many young workers are moving to the region, according to the results of the study.

The Californian city of Riverside is just as popular and attracts many new residents, especially from New York. A home costs around 390,000 US dollars on average. Compared to other regions like Los Angeles or San Diego, where the costs are between 660,000 and 730,000 US dollars, this is still within the affordable range. In third place comes the capital of the US state of Texas, Austin, where housing costs have not climbed to astronomical heights despite the economic upturn. Many new residents are drawn here, especially from San Francisco, Los Angeles and Houston.

Another city in Texas that is good to live in is Houston, according to the study. The net immigration here amounts to 29,098 people, who are moving to the Texan city mainly because of the many well-paid jobs in the oil and gas industry. For around $ 310,000 on average, new immigrants can buy their own home. Last but not least, Orlando, Florida is also a popular city for apartment hunters. Here, too, a net immigration of 26,635 people was recorded. Well-paying medical and technical jobs, pleasant weather, and affordable housing are some of the factors that speak for the area. A home costs around 300,000 US dollars here.

... and from which cities people are fleeing

Believe it or not, New York is the city most Americans flee from. The average home price of $ 530,000 is so high for many that New York has net emigration of 222,959 people. They are moving to more affordable regions like Miami, Philadelphia or Atlanta. "Nobody wants to live in the city forever," said Gary Malin, President of New York real estate brokerage Citi Habitat, the great excitement about the city will eventually be over. Another world-famous metropolis, from which around 108,421 people flee on average, is Los Angeles. Just as the city attracts many people because of its reputation, it also deters many. High housing costs and heavy traffic make life in L.A. harder and harder.

It is similar with Chicago, Illinois. In addition to the extremely cold winter season, many residents are fleeing especially from the high wealth tax. This is so high that Chicago ranks second nationwide. “There are great jobs here,” Scott Curcio, broker at Coldwell Banker told The Realtor, “but Chicago is getting more and more expensive”. Because of this, many are fleeing to Houston, where both the housing costs and the climate are more pleasant. Many people choose to leave Detroit, a city in the US state of Michigan, too. Since the 1950s, the population here has shrunk from 1.8 million citizens to 700,000, although the region is currently experiencing an economic boom and new jobs have been created.

Last but not least, the US capital Washington D.C. Part of those areas that many people turn their backs on. Many employees between the ages of 20 and 40 live in the metropolis who temporarily work for nonprofit organizations, news agencies or political campaigns and then move away again at some point. According to the study, however, the decline in residents cannot be observed in the entire region - on the contrary. The number of residents is increasing in the city itself. The decline was only recorded in the surrounding suburbs. A home here costs around $ 430,000 on average.



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