Who is the Most Australian Australian Ever

HARD-ONS: The most Australian band ever

The ones from Sydney HARD-ONS have existed - with interruptions - since 1981. They are considered to be one of the most successful independent bands in Australia and have enjoyed a steadily growing fan base in Europe too. At their wedding they shared the stage with the RAMONES and NIRVANA.

The musical basis of the HARD-ONS is trashy pop-punk, which is repeatedly loosened up with metal or psychedelic elements. For a long time they ran the band as a DIY project: They booked their shows and tours themselves, stood at the merchandise stand after concerts and thus kept control of everything.

Since 2016, singer Keish de Silva has been part of the band again after 15 years of abstinence - although guitarist Peter “Blackie” Black said in an Ox interview in 2003 that de Silva's departure was “definitely” because he was “not a real one”. Rock'n'Roll Soldier '". So all founding members are back.

Director Jonathan Sequeira is currently working with the band on the documentary "HARD-ONS: The Most Australian Band Ever!". A fundraising campaign was launched to finance the film. Here you can see the trailer of the documentary.

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