Why are flight attendants so rude

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Flight attendants are the first point of contact for passengers on board. They pay attention to the safety and well-being of the passengers. But how do you feel when you go on vacation yourself? Can you switch off at all?

Flavia Guerrero is a flight attendant at Eurowings, but also enjoys flying privately. The 37-year-old from Düsseldorf, who comes from Chile, shares her life above the clouds with others on her Instagram account @ mundo.flavs. In the interview, she explains what goes through her head when she is traveling as a passenger herself.

What do you pay attention to when you are a passenger yourself?

Flavia Guerrero: It starts as soon as I board: When I work on board, I always greet my guests in a friendly and warm manner, and that's exactly how I want to be greeted! For me it is a no-go when flight attendants prefer to chat with colleagues or drink coffee instead of welcoming their guests with a friendly smile. The first impression is always very important! As a passenger, you have a lot of stress with checking in, checking your baggage, etc. before the flight. And when you get on board, you just want to relax and enjoy the flight. Accordingly, I also pay attention to the service of the crew and the interaction with the guests during the flight.

What bothers you when you are a passenger? For example on the crew?

Guerrero: It bothers me when the crews are unfriendly and not helpful. As a flight attendant, you have to put yourself in the shoes of the guests, understand them and even empathize with them. You never know what these guests went through or experienced before the flight. Older people sometimes need help with hand luggage, some guests do not understand our language and you have to try to communicate with your hands and feet. Other guests are afraid of flying and often just want to be listened to and distracted.

I find it very unprofessional when flight attendants make their passengers feel like they don't feel like serving them.

And what annoys you about other passengers?

Guerrero: Even passengers can sometimes become quite uncomfortable - for example if you are rude or aggressive to your colleagues or if they do not want to buckle up, despite the strong turbulence. I'm just thinking about a flight to China that I took in January. Behind me was a man who was beating the back of my back the whole time. Fortunately, I've rarely had bad experiences flying privately.

What are your habits when you are a passenger?

Guerrero: When I get on board, I introduce myself to my colleagues and offer my help if they need some in between. Between the service runs, I occasionally go to the galleys, that is, to the aircraft kitchens, and talk to my colleagues - of course only if I don't disturb them. I find it interesting to know how it is with other airlines. Most of the time we exchange experiences and tips. If my colleagues have already been to my destination frequently, they know their way around better than I do and can recommend nice restaurants, for example. Before I get out and when I was completely satisfied, thank my colleagues.

For me there is nothing better than hearing a “thank you” or “it was very nice with you” from the guests. Then I get out and just feel happy because I know I did a good job.

Have you ever been afraid when you were a passenger on the plane?

Guerrero: I've never been scared when I flew privately. Once we had very strong turbulence and I was sitting quite far back where it wobbled a lot. I tried to sleep, but the turbulence kept me awake. At that moment I had to think of the guests, who may be afraid of flying, and of the colleagues who were probably very busy due to the turbulence. I thought about how and where I could help. As you can see, you always stay a flight attendant.

Hand on heart - do you prefer to fly as a passenger or as a flight attendant?

Guerrero: I love my job more than anything, but I would say: as a passenger. There are colleagues who say: "I travel so much, I work where other people go on vacation and can discover so many beautiful destinations that I prefer to spend my free time at home". For me it's like this: As soon as I'm on vacation, I get on a plane and fly away! For me, traveling is not just my job, it's also a hobby and a passion. I love sitting on a plane, looking at the machine and enjoying the service.

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But I always look forward to my next flight! My work is so much fun that I even miss it when I'm on vacation for long periods of time. I know that sounds weird, but a lot of flight attendants will understand. I am lucky enough to be able to fly to beautiful destinations, where we often have enough time to look at the cities. When it is so cold in Germany and you know: The next day you will be sitting on the beach at 30 degrees, how could you not look forward to it? (rer)