How dangerous is Indianapolis

BILD explains why Indy is so dangerous | Crash factor 10

We all still have the terrible images of the horror crash in Montreal before our eyes. How Robert Kubica's BMW crashes into the wall at 300 km / h, then lies completely torn on the guardrail.

Just one week after the brutal accident, the Formula 1 drivers are back on the throttle. On one of the most dangerous routes in the world ...

Indianapolis has a crash factor of 10.

Together with Montreal, Indy is the course with the most pitfalls, even more difficult than Monte Carlo or Monza.

BILD explains what makes the US Grand Prix (Sunday, 7 p.m., RTL and premiere live) so dangerous.

• Indy has the only banked curve in Formula 1 with an angle of inclination of 9 degrees.

• At over 1,822 meters, the US runway has the longest stretch of full throttle. 24 seconds maximum speed, that means a top speed of 335 km / h.

• The infield consists of ten curves and is very wide. Here you can overtake until the doctor comes - in the truest sense of the word ...

Formula 1 expert Hans-Joachim Stuck: “The infield is extremely curvy, but incredibly wide. Four cars fit next to each other on the back straight. There is overtaking with a knife between your teeth. Indianapolis has practically combined completely different courses in one - fast steep wall and a zigzag route in the interior. "

The highest risk of a crash is in the 1st corner after the start. It has crashed four times here. And at the exit from the banked bend. Here Ralf Schumacher had an accident twice.

In 2004 he broke two cervical vertebrae and had to pause six races. In 2005 he crashed into the concrete wall during training at 310 km / h. The Michelin tires were not up to the load.

All Michelin teams canceled their start. The scandalous race was won by the great Schumi.

Crash factor 10 in Indianapolis. Also because the pressure is extremely high ...

World champion Fernando Alonso is fighting for his position as number 1 at Mercedes. Super star Lewis Hamilton, who is sensationally leading in the World Cup, has overtaken the Spaniard.

Alonso annoys: "We knew that all support and help belonged to him (Hamilton, d. Ed.)."

Alonso is eight points behind Hamilton in the fight for the World Cup. He has to strike on Sunday so as not to lose touch.

The situation for BMW driver Nick Heidfeld, on the other hand, is much more relaxed, although he overturned in Indianapolis shortly after the start last year. The second from Montreal could benefit from the Mercedes Zoff. Is it even possible to win his first Grand Prix?

Heidfeld confidently: "I have planned a lot ..."

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