Prominent economists are wealthy


The Frankfurt Faculty of Economics receives prominent reinforcements: Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln and Matthias Schündeln. The economist couple, who are currently still working at Harvard, will move to the Main in July 2009. Both the economists themselves and the dean of the Frankfurt Faculty of Economics, Rainer Klump, confirmed this to the Handelsblatt.

FRANKFURT. The successful appointment from Harvard is "the crowning achievement" of a whole series of prominent newcomers to German academics from abroad.

While many German universities are struggling with the departure of their brightest minds abroad, the Frankfurt economists have brought numerous internationally renowned German economists to the banking metropolis in the past two years. First and foremost the German economist Roman Inderst, who is the strongest in research and moved from London to Frankfurt's Goethe University in autumn 2006.

In an interview with the Handelsblatt, Rainer Klump names a number of reasons for the success: the newly gained autonomy of the foundation university, which makes quick negotiations possible, the scientific profiling of the department in macroeconomics and empirical growth and development research, the great commitment private donor in Frankfurt and the funds that flowed to Frankfurt through the Excellence Initiative.

This is also confirmed by the recently appointed researchers. It will not be easy for them to leave the academic environment that Harvard offers. And if there weren't strong personal and family ties to Germany, they probably wouldn't have thought of returning to Germany at this point, Matthias Schündeln reports to the Handelsblatt. "At the moment there are also good academic reasons to return to Germany," he says. The departure that can be felt at many universities in Germany and especially in Frankfurt is very promising.

Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln will take over a professorship for economics and development financed with funds from the humanities excellence cluster, her husband Matthias the newly created chair "Messe Frankfurt Endowed Professorship for International Economic Policy".