Does your mother think you're a loser?

the Prophet as a husband:

- He loved the woman as a fellow human being ... as a mother ... as a wife ... as a daughter and as a partner.
- He was asked once, which person deserves the best contact (the best treatment). He answered: "Your mother, then your mother, then your mother, then your father." (Reported by Muslim)
He also said: "“He is a loser, he is a loser, he is a loser.” Someone then asked, “Who is he, O Messenger of Allah?” He says, “It is the one who has been with his parents for a while, with one of them or lived with both and yet not going to paradise. "" (Muslim)
He ordered those who asked him a question (regarding their daughter's marriage) to marry off their daughter to the poor man she loves, but not to the rich man they want.
the Prophet used to kiss his wife 'Isha. Whenever he drank from a pitcher, he put his lips on the same spot from which she had drunk and drank too. He would sometimes recite the Quran while resting his head on her lap. He kissed her even when he was fasting. Sometimes she tried to push him away in the front door in order to pass the door in front of him.
Once the Prophet and his wife ´Â´sa quarrel, he asked her: “Do you agree that Abû ´Ubaida ibn al-Jarrâh decides between us?” She replied: “No, he will never go against you and For decide me. ”He further asked:“ Do you agree with Umar to decide between us? ”She replied:“ No, I am afraid of Umar. ”He further asked:“ Do you agree with Abû Bakr (her father)? “At last she said,“ Yes. ”Then Abû Bakr came and the Prophet asked him to choose between them. Abû Bakr was amazed and said: “I should decide, O Messenger of Allah?” So the Prophet began to describe the matter to him, until `isha interrupted him and said: “Be righteous, O Messenger of Allah (that is, tell the truth !) ... Then Abu Bakr hit her in the face so that her nose started to bleed and said: “Who is telling the truth if not the Prophet?” The Prophet did not like Abû Bakr's behavior and he said: “Have that we never wanted ... ”Then the Prophet went to wash her face and dress himself.
Sometimes' Umar would get annoyed with his wife when she corrected him in something. Then his wife said to him: “Why are you angry about this? By Allaah, the wives of the Prophet interrupt him and some even avoid him in bed until night. "(Muslim)
When the prophet When he returned to his family very late at night, he greeted them in a low voice so that the awake person could hear it, but the sleeper would not be awakened by it. He also considered it undesirable for a man who had just arrived from a foreign country to surprise his family so suddenly with his arrival.
Rather, he should send someone to announce his arrival. Abû Bakr once visited him when he was completely covered in his clothes, and there were two girls who were banging a tambourine with their hands in front of 'Aisha. Abû Bakr displeased that. Then the Prophet pulled the clothing covering him from his face and said to him: "Leave them, Abû Bakr, for it is a festival!" (Al-Buchari and Muslim)
Once, `Âisha leaned on his shoulder to watch a game of lances played by the Abyssinians in the Prophet's mosque was carried out. She watched them like this until she got bored.
He (the prophet) said in a hadeeth: "If you take care of two daughters until they have reached puberty, he and I will enter paradise like this (during these words he held both fingers outstretched next to each other)" (Muslim)
He refused to allow the man to perform the intercourse interruptus without his wife's consent. Because it is not up to the man to decide this alone. He is also not allowed to regard his wife as a mere sex object. Most of all, a woman despises the fact that her husband is against pregnancy when she wishes it.

In a hadeeth said the Prophet : "Life is a pleasure. The best pleasure in life is a righteous woman." (Muslim)