What is it like to live in Greece

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Emigrate to Greece

In order to help future emigrants on their way, the Federal Office of Administration (BVA), among other things, offers an extensive information service that actively supports German citizens who want to leave Germany for a period of time or permanently and helps them to make the actual decision to emigrate present-day and illusion-free ideas of the target country.


If you have any questions about emigration from Germany to Greece, the Federal Administration Office in Cologne can help you. The current information brochure on Greece is available there - for a fee:

Information for emigrants to Greece

Please note that the embassy cannot help you find jobs in Greece. You can find out about job vacancies at the German-Greek Chamber of Commerce and Industry or in Greek daily newspapers. EURES, the European Union's job portal, may also be an interesting point of contact.

Residence and registration in Greece

On the following website you will find information in English on residence and registration in Greece for EU foreigners: Website of the European Union.

If you stay longer than three months, German citizens, among others, are obliged to report their stay to the immigration police. There are two types of residence card that can be used to prove legal residence in Greece:

  1. ΒΕΒΑΙΩΣΗ ΕΓΓΡΑΦΗΣ ΠΟΛΙΤΗ ΚΡΑΤΟΥΣ ΜΕΛΟΥΣ ΤΗΣ ΕΥΡΩΠΑΙΚΗΣ ΕΝΩΣΗΣ (veveosi engrafis politi kratous melous tis evropaïkis enosis): This is a yellow card and is issued when you first register in Greece.
  2. ΕΓΓΡΑΦΟ ΠΙΣΤΟΠΟΙΗΣΗΣ ΜΟΝΙΜΗΣ ΔΙΑΜΟNΗΣ ΠΟΛΙΤΗ ΚΡΑΤΟΥΣ ΜΕΛΟΥΣ ΤΗΣ ΕΥΡΩΠΑΙΚΗΣ ΕΝΩΣΗΣ (engrafo pistopiisis monimis diamonis politi kratous melous tis evropaïkis enosis): This card is blue and is issued to those people who can prove that they have been in Greece for at least 5 years (permanent residence card) .

The residence cards are issued by the responsible immigration police. You can find more information on the website of the Greek Police.

Social security in Greece

Germans, their habitual residence (center of life) permanently in Greece have received no benefits German social welfare. According to the European Welfare Agreement, German nationals living in Greece must take advantage of Greek social benefits. We have compiled further information for you in the following leaflet:

Implementation of the European Welfare Convention in Greece

Double taxation agreement between Germany and Greece

Taxpayers with cross-border activities or economic interests with income at home and abroad are often used not only for domestic taxation but also for taxes abroad. To avoid such international double taxation, bilateral international agreements are often concluded. The international treaty between Germany and Greece can be found here: Double taxation agreement

General tax questions

At the Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt), private individuals as well as entrepreneurs and authorities can obtain information from the Tax Info Center.

Responsibility for German pensioners

For pensioners living abroad who receive their pension from Germany, the central special responsibility lies with the tax office Neubrandenburg. For questions about the taxation of your pension, we therefore recommend that you contact the tax office:

Postal address: Finanzamt Neubrandenburg (RiA), PO Box 110140, 17041 Neubrandenburg

Phone: +49 395 44 222 47000

Fax: +49 395 44 222 47 100

Email: [email protected]

additional Information

On the website of the Senate Department for the Interior and Sport of the State of Berlin, you will also find further information on double taxation agreements and certificates of residence.

We generally recommend that you contact your tax advisor on all tax issues.