What professionals use chronograph watches

Wood core

How do you start your Holzkern watch?
Holzkern offers a variety of wristwatches for women and men with different functions. To make it easier for you to get started, Frank recommends reading the instructions for use that come with the wooden wristwatches.

I have an automatic watch, how do I set it up?
Automatic watches work without a battery, as their mainspring is automatically wound by movement with regular use. Automatic watches should run for 30-40 hours after being fully wound. If you do not wear your automatic watch for a day, you may need to manually wind the watch and reset the time. To fully wind your automatic watch, simply turn the crown clockwise up to 40 times or until you feel slight resistance. Your automatic watch should now tick for up to 40 hours, or as long as you continue to wear it.
You can find all of our Holzkern automatic watches here.

How does the stopwatch function work on my chronograph watch?
The Holzkern watches with chronograph have an integrated stopwatch function. To use the chronograph watches' stopwatch function, press the top and bottom buttons to start / stop and reset.
You can find all of our chronographic Holzkern watches here.

Are the Holzkern wood watches waterproof?
A few splashes of water when washing the dishes shouldn't be a problem for Holzkern wood wristwatches. Frank advises, however, to keep your wooden watch from coming into general contact with water. Take your watch off when you shower, bathe, wash your hands, go swimming, wash your car, have a water fight, or do any other water-related activity.
You can find all Frank's Holzkern wristwatches here.

How do I find the right watch size?
Holzkern offers a large selection of watch models in different sizes so that no wrist is too small or too big. The wooden bracelets can be easily adjusted with the replacement links provided. Save the remaining parts so you can replace the links if you damage anything on your watch. If you would like to change the size of the strap of your wooden watch yourself, Frank has linked the instruction video for you in the following table.

Bracelet with screw connectionsBracelet with feathersBracelet with pins
Instruction videoLook atLook atLook at

If you are unsure whether you can resize your watch yourself, please contact a watchmaker near you.

The leather bracelets are available in standard sizes for women and men. If you would like to know the exact dimensions of the Holzkern clocks, please note this information on the individual product pages under the heading "Specifications".