Reading Chinese people read and understand pinyin


"How can I Read characters learn ?"
„Where from I get texts that correspond to my level ?"
“I ever will a chinese book can read? "

For many people in our culture, reading Chinese characters is more difficult than hearing. Fortunately, there are entry guides. And the same applies to reading: Practice makes perfect!

View Chinese websites:
Not all computers can display Chinese characters on their own. If you only see a mess of characters on your screen, here are instructions on how to display Chinese websites correctly on your computer - a good requirement for reading Chinese ;-)

Chatting in Pinyin: Reading texts (without Chinese characters):> "Liaotian"
Pinyin chat that works immediately (without plugins and registration).

Read simple Chinese texts:
Collection of various easy-to-read Chinese texts with and without pinyin.

Read Chinese texts written for native speakers:
The Epoch Times newspaper, written for overseas Chinese. Attention: The articles are written in traditional characters. The newspaper is also available in paper form at various station kiosks etc. and is not always politically neutral.
Latest news from Deutsche Welle in Chinese.


Read philosophical texts:
The full text of the conversations of Confucius
The famous work "The Art of War" by Sunzi