Why do people control others

Recognize control addicts

You should be suspicious of any person who has a hot temper and uses it often.Frequent fits of rage, and especially those in which others are bullied (the coward who tries to control others) or threatened (it is easier to gloomily warn others of potential harm than to investigate your own internal harm), are a sign of one control addict. [3]Such outbursts of anger often happen when you disagree with the other person (no matter how lighthearted or nicely you say it) or when you don't do exactly what you are supposed to (it can sometimes be difficult to know what exactly that is, there many controlling people expect you to be able to read their mind). The controlling person believes that if you either disagree or don't do what they want, you are challenging their authority. [4]
  • In addition to being moody, the choleric personality can also be difficult because of you never know where you are with her. Unfortunately, her inability to deal with her own anger and anger often means that she takes it on you through physical, verbal, emotional, or sexual abuse. Never let another person hurt you. It is Not your fault for hurting inside Unfortunately, there is a good chance that someone else treated her the same way when she was young and that the vicious circle will now continue.