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Social work in society

"A comprehensive anthology, which with its many different and individual essays not only provides an up-to-date insight into the current professional discussion and determination of the current situation of social work, but also encourages you to question your own points of view." ZfF - magazine for the welfare industry, 2012

"The book gives students, teachers and specialists in the relevant disciplines a differentiated view of the diverse dimensions of social work." Social Work - Journal for Social and Socially Related Areas, 02/2009

"The result is an extremely interesting anthology, which in its detail of the presented topics already resembles a good manual here and there. [...] If you look through the list of authors, you get an interesting insight and a meaningful review on the work of Hans-Uwe Otto. It is fun to read their contributions, all of which are new. The authors often show the development of the questions in their contribution parallel to the collaboration with Hans-Uwe Otto and give an interesting historical outline of the development of the respective topics. Anyone interested in social work, especially in theoretical questions, should acquire this volume [...] for their specialist book collection. An investment that pays off. will be worth it. " www.sozialarbeitsnetz.de, December 17, 2008