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Ayuwang temple

The location of the city is fantastically beautiful. Embedded in the two imposing mountains, directly on the shore of the ocean and a river delta, and many small rivers flow directly through the city center and repeatedly serve as a green oasis, which is otherwise rarely found in Chinese industrial cities. The Ayuawang Temple fits perfectly into the picture. Legends say that it was not built by human hands, but simply grew out of the underground. Unfortunately, there is no precise evidence why you can leave the story of the creation to your imagination. This active monastery is located 20 kilometers outside the city of Ningbo, but is very easy to get to from the east bus station. Just take bus 759 or 790 and a short time later you can see the beauty of this temple for yourself. There are interesting exhibits to be found. These include the bones of the former founder Sakyamuni and valuable art objects such as pictures and paintings. The legend is also explained in more detail at this point and so well that you can almost believe the mysterious history of its origins.

Tiantong National Park

The city of Ningbo clearly benefits from its natural surroundings and without the many rivers, mountains and the sea it would probably not be as popular with tourists as it is today. So there is really something for every taste and the possibilities for spending free time are almost endless. The Tiantong National Park is clearly one of the most beautiful natural sights. This is an ideal destination for the whole family. The entrance to the national park begins 26km outside the city center and can be quickly reached by bus 162 from the city's eastern bus station. This makes the Tiantong National Park an ideal day trip destination. Tiantong National Park covers an area of ​​334 hectares and is home to over 1000 different animal species. There are several designated hiking trails and many of them lead up to the top of the green mountain, from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the city of Ningbo and the wider landscape. Of course, the path is the goal and with a little luck you can spot rare animals along the way.

Nanxi hot spring

As already written and you are probably already aware when you inquire about a vacation in Ningbo, the landscape that surrounds the city is uniquely beautiful. If you are in one of the green oases of the city, of which there are many, or even outside in the more or less wild nature, then it is difficult to imagine that the city is primarily an important Chinese trading center. One of the best places to enjoy this tranquility are the hot springs in Nanxi. This is located outside the village of Nanxi, which is above the city of Ningbo and can be easily reached by bus. Nanxi is surrounded by almost 10,000 hectares of forest, which has been a protected national park for over 20 years. The hot springs in Nanxi are one of the most popular destinations for excursions from the city of Ningbo and can be visited relatively easily as part of an organized tour. This is a nice place to really pamper your tired body.

Songlan Mountain Beach

Songlan Mountain Beach is certainly one of the main reasons the city is so popular with tourists. Especially in the hot summer months, it attracts foreign and Chinese tourists alike who just want to relax for a few days on the beach. The many possibilities of the beautiful excursion destinations are of course a welcome change from the tired everyday beach life, but Songlan Mountain Beach is the ideal starting point to explore the city and the surrounding area. There are many beautiful beaches in the area, but Songlan Mountain Beach is the first beach that has been specially adapted to tourist needs. Today it is surrounded by a modern resort that leaves nothing to be desired, except perhaps for a little more peace and quiet. There are a variety of inexpensive hotels and inns, many of them with sea views. There is a lot of activity on the beach and swimming itself is very safe. Of course you can rent an umbrella and a lounger for little money and hawkers sell drinks and snacks.


Qiantong is the historic district of the city of Ninghai and a very popular destination, where the whole family can usually have fun. The district of Qiantong is located 10km outside the actual city of Ninghai. If you prefer to travel on your own, you can first take a bus to Ninghai and then either take the city bus or a taxi. However, it is much faster to arrive either with your own vehicle or to join an organized tour. In the latter case, you will usually be picked up from your hotel by a minibus. The journey usually takes a good hour. The village is romantically situated along the Baixi River. The curious thing is that 80 percent of the homeowners, and there are about 2000 houses in the village, have the surname “Tong”. Qiantong can look back on almost 800 years of history, which is easily recognizable from the many historical buildings. It's fun to stroll through the winding streets and try not to get lost.

TianYi Pavilion

Behind the TianYi Pavilion is the oldest private library in all of China that still exists today. This book was built almost 600 years ago during the Ming Dynasty and is well worth a visit in many ways. Of course, the enormous number of rare books that has accumulated over the centuries should be mentioned at this point. But the pavilion is always worth a visit just because of the appealing and extremely interesting architecture. In addition, it is surrounded by a very elegant landscape, which almost invites you to stroll and linger.

Ningbo Art Museum

The city's art museum is located in the Jianbei District of Ningbo City. Getting there by bus is child's play, as it is right next to the LaoWaiTan stop. The museum is considered very modern, which is due to the fact that it was only built at the end of 2004. It was designed by the renowned architects WANG Shu and LU Wenyu. This means that the building alone is an interesting sight, which offers the right setting for the creative exhibitions.

King Osaka Temple

About 16km east of Ningbo is the cozy King Osaka Temple. The location for this enchanting temple could hardly be more beautiful, as it is located directly at the foot of the Taibai Mountain. It is one of the five famous Buddhist temples in all of China, and is therefore an indispensable place of pilgrimage for many locals. The history of the temple goes back almost 1800 years. Furthermore, the beautiful temple plays an important role in the Sino-Japanese cultural exchange. It's worth a visit.

Shanglin Kiln Lake

In Ningbo, it is difficult to make a decision as to which natural sight to see first and where to relax. The Shanglin Lake is always a good solution. It is located near Cixy town and can be reached by bus. The Shanglin Lake is the central point of a large protected area. There are many beautiful hiking trails along the lake, as well as some ruins from the Han and Song Dynasty.

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