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Postage stamps

As a private customer, you can also use City Mail's inexpensive and convenient service: Send your correspondence throughout Germany with City Mail stamps.

Citymail stamps are popular everywhere. For senders because of the attractive prices, for recipients because of the beautiful, individual motifs - including from our region. Choose between our three current collections “My Home”, “SSV Jahn Regensburg” and “1175 Years of the City of Roding”.

My home

For the first time, readers have chosen the motifs for City Mail's new stamps. After a photo competition in autumn, they had chosen a total of five winners in the distribution areas of the Mittelbayerische Zeitung and New Day. The new stamps can now be bought at all City Mail Regensburg GmbH sales outlets or online in the online shop.

SSV Jahn Regensburg

As a sponsor of SSV Jahn Regensburg, we show commitment from the region to the region. This partnership is also a signal of confidence in the serious sporting and economic work that Jahn has been consistently doing for a number of years. We were very happy to have decided in joint discussions with SSV Jahn Regensburg to issue a special edition with Jahn motifs this year. The selected motifs show typical Jahn impressions and are very successful in their design.

After the excellent sporting achievements in the past season, the Jahn has inspired the entire East Bavarian region and gained a lot of new people. The Jahn has a positive effect on our home region and that fits in perfectly with our considerations for the selection of the new special editions.

This collection is now available in the shop!

1175 years of the city of Roding

For the 1175th anniversary of the city of Roding, a special edition of the City Mail stamps was published in 2019. Due to the great popularity of this collection, the remaining quantities will still be offered in 2020 until they are completely sold out. A new stamp edition will follow in March 2020, dedicated to the city of Roding.

All collections as well as various philately products are available in our shop.