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LinkedIn: "These are the jobs of the future"

The career portal LinkedIn has identified the professions that are currently gaining in importance on the German job market. Almost all of them are IT professions or are related to IT.

More and more jobs are being created in the field of artificial intelligence. This is shown by a LinkedIn occupational study based on the data of all members who have a public profile and who have worked full-time for a company in Germany within the last five years.

Top jobs of the future: AI is playing an increasingly important role

On this basis, the career portal calculated the proportion of new hires and the growth rate for each job description between 2015 and 2019, thus determining the jobs with the highest growth rates.

These are the top jobs of the future:

# 1: AI specialist
Many experts are needed for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Today there are 19 times as many AI specialists as in 2015. You can find them in all industries. Job titles with similar, very specific knowledge and skills are "machine learning specialist" and "AI researcher". "
Required competencies: Machine learning, Python, deep learning, computer vision, artificial intelligence
Industries with need: IT and IT services, computer software, automotive industry, internet and research

# 2: Site Reliability Engineer
A site reliability engineer coordinates the development of websites and apps and is responsible for stability and performance. LinkedIn believes the profession will continue to be in demand. The relevant skills can also be transferred to many other developer jobs.
Required competencies: Docker products, Ansible, Go, DevOps and Amazon Web Services
Industries with need: Internet, IT and IT services, financial services, computer software and telecommunications

# 3: Customer Success Specialist
With more and more technology services, the need for personal support and thus also for customer success specialists is increasing. The job of a Customer Success Specialist is to make sure that customers get the most out of their product or service. The number of jobs has increased 15-fold compared to 2015. Employees need a good mix of hard and soft skills, they have to be good at handling technology and customers.
Required competencies: Software as a Service (SaaS), customer relationship management, account management and enterprise software
Industries with need: Computer software, IT and IT services, Internet, marketing and advertising and financial services

# 4: Data protection officer
There is a 24-fold increase in data protection officer posts in the UK and a 32-fold increase in France. In Germany, fewer new positions are currently being created for data protection officers and data protection officers. But that's because data protection has been an important issue in Germany for a long time. The data shows that the number of positions for data protection officers has only tripled compared to 2015.
Required competencies: Knowledge of data protection, data protection regulations and the Federal Data Protection Act, compliance with data protection regulations and corporate governance
Industries with need: IT and IT services, management consulting, law firms, computer and network security, internet companies

# 5: Human Resources Partner
Human resources partners work with the management level to develop a personnel strategy that is tailored to the company's goals and monitor its implementation. The findings of a new LinkedIn study on future recruiting underscore the importance of strategic personnel decisions.
Required competencies: Know-how in the field of personnel recruitment and management, human resources, change management and labor law
Industries with need: Transport (road and rail), IT and IT services, chemical industry, railway manufacturing and the Internet

# 6: Data Consultant
Data consultants advise companies on data and data strategy. They analyze which technologies a company needs and implement the right solutions for them. To do this, they have to think entrepreneurially and be familiar with different data tools.
Required competencies: Data Science, Machine Learning, Apache Spark, R and Big Data
Industries with need: IT and IT services, management consulting, computer software, marketing, advertising and internet companies

# 7: data engineer
Data is now one of the most valuable resources. To manage them properly, you need a good infrastructure. Data engineers ensure that the IT and software infrastructure is set up, monitored, maintained, managed and secured. They are currently desperately sought after in many industries - from financial services to the automotive industry.
Required competencies: Apache Spark, Amazon Web Services, Python, Hadoop and Big Data
Industries with need: Internet companies, IT and IT services, automotive industry, financial services, computer software

# 8: data scientist
Data scientists systematically evaluate data and in this way help companies to gain valuable insights. In most of the countries surveyed, your job is seen as a sought-after new job description. It will continue to grow significantly across all industries.
The data suggests that some of the growth is due to other jobs being created in the same area. Another reason is the increasing importance of data in scientific research.
Required competencies: Data Science, Machine Learning, Python, R and Apache Spar
Industries with need: IT and IT services, Internet, computer software, automotive industry and management consultancy

# 9: IT security specialist
IT security is a central task in companies. In this respect, it is not surprising that IT security specialists are among the professions with the greatest future prospects this year. Demand and importance continue to grow.
Required competencies: IT security, information security, security information and event management, ISO 27001 and network security
Industries with need: IT and IT services, management consulting, automotive industry, financial accounting as well as computer and network security

# 10: DevOps Engineer
DevOps engineers mainly take care of the management of the company's internal IT infrastructure. This includes working with software developers, system operators, and other team members to monitor code releases. The work requires a good mix of hard and soft skills in order to resolve inconsistencies between the software development, testing and production management teams.
Required competencies: Docker products, DevOps, Ansible, Amazon Web Services and Jenkins; Soft skills such as communication skills and willingness to work together
Industries with need: IT and IT services, Internet, computer software, financial services and the automotive industry

# 11: Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
The task of the CDO is to coordinate the conversion of the company's internal processes to digital processes. He also uses digital technologies to develop new business models and services.
Required competencies: Digital transformation, digitization, digital strategy, strategy, e-commerce
Industries with need: IT and IT services, marketing and advertising, retail, publishing and insurance

# 12: Unity developer
On the development platform of the same name, Unity developers create concepts for digital games and worlds of experience and implement them in solutions. Your skills are in great demand in Germany, as it has the largest video game market in Europe.
Required competencies: Game development, C #, Virtual Reality, Unity and Git
Industries with need: Computer games, computer software, IT and IT services, consumer electronics and media production

# 13: Product Manager Digital
The Product Manager Digital accompanies the development of digital products from the idea to the market launch. Since digital product managers coordinate the entire process, they should have a wide range of skills. They work in a wide variety of industries - from management consulting to publishing.
Required competencies: Product management, scrum, design thinking, digital marketing and online marketing
Industries with need: Publishing, Internet companies, media production, management consulting, IT and IT services

# 14: Agile Coach
Companies can react more quickly to changes in an “agile” manner. This is where the agile coaches play an important role. They support companies on their way to an agile organization by developing flexible teams that work together effectively and accompanying them during implementation.
Required competencies: Scrum, agile methods, Kanban, agile project management and coaching
Industries with need: IT and IT services, management consulting, internet, automotive industry and computer software