Who was your most brilliant student

Martin Prince

Martin Prince
First appearance:Bart becomes a genius
US voice actors:Russi Taylor
German voice actor:Gabor Gomberg

Inez Günther
Michèle Tichawsky

Martin Prince, Jr. is Bart's classmate and Lisa's intelligence rival. He is Nelson's favorite target for his bullying attacks. He is the academically most brilliant student of his teachers and is the stereotypical Steber. Martin is in fourth grade at Springfield Elementary School.

Life [edit | Edit source]

Martin is the son of Martin Prince, Sr. and Martha Prince. He is an academically brilliant student. He's a typical nerd with a penchant for science fiction and role-playing games who doesn't have a great sense of fashion. He has an IQ of 216[1]. As a class geek, he inevitably became the perfect target for the school thugs. He plays the French horn in the primary school music band.

General [edit | Edit source]

He is known as a nerd among rowdies because of his higher than average IQ. In his spare time, he is engaged in scientifically interesting things, such as breeding butterflies.

Other [edit | Edit source]

  • apparently can speak french
  • is musically gifted
  • can draw very well
  • has homosexual fantasies
  • raised rare butterflies

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