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Tarot - The four aces: cups and coins

The four aces are each the "point" or the essence of the color in question. The ace is the pure element - this shows what it is about, and all other cards are to be understood in this sense.

As of cups

After understanding and strength, the As of the Cup shows itself as an overflowing vessel of emotions. A golden goblet stands on the palm of an open hand, pouring water in abundance into a blue lake.

A dove, the symbol of peace, hovers above the vessel - it holds a disc in its beak that bears an isosceles cross. The rune "Giba" looks like this - the one that shows the exchange or the harmony of give and take. Whoever gives, receives - whoever has received can give ... the age-old law of attraction and balance is the picture in the Rider-Waite-Tarot.

The abundance of feelings, the feminine power of abundance, as well as the ability to love and friendship - all this belongs to the cups. The ace actually shows the "abundance" of the currents from the open hand and is therefore exactly the image that is necessary to symbolize feelings. Giving without asking - the awareness that love will be in abundance when allowed.

An African saying goes: "If you hold your hand in a fist, nobody can take something out of you. But nobody can put anything in it either." This says everything that can be said about give and take. Anyone who has interrupted the river because they are disappointed or embittered because they are deeply afraid of love or cannot believe that they are being offered selfless friendship will actually die of thirst on the bank of a lake.

The wands belong to the male power - here we are dealing with the power of the feminine. Of course, this must also be effective for both men and women, because those who do not allow it within themselves cut themselves off from love and thus from a fulfilled life. In the case of the picture on the card, the comparison to the Holy Grail is obvious - something that is passionately sought but seldom found.

The Grail is supposed to give eternal life, and it does so - because everyone should begin to search within themselves. Those who understand the spiritual principle of life know that they are part of the universe and of eternity. "Happiness" means something different for everyone - whoever recognizes what is right for himself has found it.

The ace always indicates a gift, a gift - material or spiritual in nature. It may have already arrived and has not yet been recognized as such - not unpacked, so to speak.

Ace of coins

The coins belong to the earth element and have to do with the material - with wealth, goods, harvest, treasures and money and to a certain extent also with work. Carefully and carefully, a hand holds the large coin with the engraved pentagram over a wonderfully landscaped garden.

The pentagram is a symbol for the great goddess, the earth mother and breadwinner, who in her fertility gives abundantly her gifts - at least to those who show her respect. Whoever has taken on the work of cultivating the garden ... their work is rewarded abundantly, as the picture in the Rider Waite Tarot shows.

Here, too, it is about give and take as well as trust, but in a slightly different way than with the goblets. Those who look for wealth will find it, even if it turns out to be different than expected. Harvesting requires sowing and guarding, knowledge of the elements. There is hardly a good farmer who does not let earth trickle through his fingers and recognize its fertility and the possibilities it offers.

Whoever knows what can be planted where and when and knows the elements will bring in his harvest. This image can be applied to daily life in many ways, because possibilities should be used according to their properties. That presupposes a certain letting in, a certain giving.

The coins also have to do with necessities. The picture of nature shows that the earth gives everything that is needed. However, this presupposes the recognition of their gifts. In order to achieve real prosperity, one has to learn to let go. Above all, this means that people give again and again - and in order to receive a new gift, you have to be able to let go of the old. The fear of it has kept more people in poverty than any inflation in the world.

Since we all live on - and hopefully also with the earth, we are subject to its laws. Every collector knows the law of attraction, which simply states that there is more where something is already. Therefore, despite all the joy of their treasures, book lovers sometimes despair of the lack of space, which is a logical consequence of this.

Hoarded coins attract others, and so on and so forth. But whoever interrupts the flow of the law by locking away his treasures and jealously guarding them will not really receive any more of it. Books want to be read and sometimes loaned out or passed on, and money must by its nature be in circulation. It is definitely worthwhile to deal with these facts - because if you allow it, you receive without having to worry.

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© "The four aces: goblets and coins": Article by Winfried Brumma (Pressenet), Eleonore Radtberger, 2010.

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