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German law Why gay couples are not allowed to hire a surrogate mother

And you should plan a lot of time: for the flights to the USA, the overnight stay in hotels and when meeting the mothers. The return trip to Germany was surprisingly easy for the three of them, because both fathers were able to have themselves officially entered on the birth certificate beforehand.

Green politician: surrogacy should remain banned

But then the problems began. Tobias says: "We flew back to Germany three weeks after Wanda's birth, she had an American passport and entered Germany as a tourist. Then we had to deal with six to seven different authorities." This first examination of the legal situation took six months after Wanda's daughter was born.

Shouldn't it be easier for gay couples in Germany just because of the principle of equality? Katja Keul, legal expert at the Greens: "The principle of equality only says that one must treat the same as the same and the unequal unequally. Therefore, surrogacy is fundamentally different from a sperm donation Must be in the foreground. "

In addition to the aspect that this means "commercialization", Keul of the Greens also does not consider it justifiable if one concludes contracts in which binding negotiations on the delivery of the child after the birth take place from the outset: "And I don't know either that there would be any majority in the Bundestag in this regard. "

FDP for "altruistic surrogacy"

The CDU and CSU see it the same way. In the event of a black-green coalition in the next Bundestag, nothing would change. Incidentally, even if the SPD and the Left were involved in a government. Only the FDP plans to create a completely new legal framework.

The health expert of the FDP, Katrin Helling-Plahr, says: "With the Embryo Protection Act in 1990, the legislature made a weighing decision and banned surrogacy. I find that not only outdated, but also wrong."

If the FDP were involved in a federal government, Helling-Plahr would advocate "that we enable altruistic surrogacy in Germany under strict conditions". However, Helling-Plahr emphasizes that money should not flow in for this. This would then be linked to a parenting agreement that must stand up to judicial review. That would be an option for Tobias and André if they decide to have a second child.