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Popular TV Capital Bureau: Investors doubt the Oriental Pearl High issue

TV is the center of entertainment in the living room, comparable to smartphones is important input. In recent years, music such as millet, storm, popular micro whale and other Internet TV brand in the field of hair move frequently to seize this input. They are low cost strategy attracting users "magic" one.

But the real reached only to find, in fact, the TV market is not that good. The main manufacturers emphasize ecology, the hardware will not make money, even at a loss, relying on content and services to make money. Under sell more, the more losses the plight of the Internet TV manufacturers fresh there are profit makers, now faced the impact of sharply increased costs, some companies began to adjust product prices. But even as a controversial industry, business has also challenged sales data fraud.

At the moment, the TV supply chain to enter the price cycle, especially in LCD panel prices surge has become the largest TV market in 2016 "event", so that is' price butcher internet TV manufacturers play feeling the pressure.

Just yesterday (November 21), music announced as super TV price increases, some products increased 100 yuan, part raised 300 yuan because panel prices have exceeded the capacity of the environmental subsidy.

continue to worry the current Internet TV industry, little-for-profit companies, storm group in the third quarter net profit of only 480,000, launched a popular TV Beijing popular online technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as the popular online). With the popular TV Siu Chi shares as well as the United States Oriental Pearl co-financing, increase more than 2 billion yuan, but the twists and turns in financing, Haier drop-out, the Oriental Pearl participation of other investors also questioned the price is too high.

In addition, the article also publicly presented the popular TV sales data fraud to review reporters.

Popular TV Capital Bureau

According to the published last June set of the plan, Siu Chi shares will be non-public offering of shares by the number of not more than 297 million shares of raising funds not more than 3.671 billion yuan, all for the common operation of the Internet TV business project. Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Media Group Qingdao Haier to subscribe for 178,000,000 shares, 8,900 shares, 3,000 shares.

After the program twice the final approval of the SFC to adjust this non-public offering of shares for the number of 2.09 billion shares, the subscription amount of 2.571 billion yuan, of those who subscribe to Oriental Pearl 17915310000 shares, subscribe to the United States Advisory 3.01938 million shares. Pearl of the Orient, subscribe to the United States Advisory, each stake 9.89%, 1.67% to become the second, the three main shareholders are Siu Chi shares. due to price upside down, Qingdao Haier, the final out of the plan, but the purchase price after Siu Chi shares, 47 million yuan share of the popularity of online set.

Siu Chi shares in August last year to 967 million yuan acquisition of 63% stake in the popularity of online.

November 16 this year, the non-public offering of new shares listed Siu Chi shares, from the time of closing, Siu Chi shares reported 10.06 yuan / share, and the issue price set at 12.28 yuan / share. This means that the Oriental Pearl subscriber given the Gome purchase price is higher than the secondary market retail price of the auction. November 21 to close, Siu Chi shares reported 10.68 yuan, part of the Oriental Pearl in additional shareholders to be hedged.

For the planned increase in investors in the share, said the Oriental Pearl May 18 'take 2.2 billion at current prices to buy nine yuan issue price is 12.28 yuan / share (Siu Chi shares) shares and but their stocks are sentimental, why? "There are investors who determine that the stake is correct by itself, wrong in price is unreasonable."

Siu Chi shares Secretary Fang Zhenyu on the "Daily News" reporter stated: "Lock the form of private placement, confirm the price change is not allowed, since June last year in the secondary market as a whole down to the price leads through the." Rate and share price upside down due to price upside down, Qingdao Haier reason that state assets management and control, and ultimately did not participate in a certain increase, but also because of the cheap popular model, instead divides the popular online, Oriental Pearl into larger ones Quantities participate, and it is an important strategic between the parties cooperation, the secondary market to buy also cause higher volatility. "

People close to the popular series of analysis, the Oriental Pearl Tower itself has provided tens of millions of IPTV services on the marginal cost of the popular online is very low. "Right now, the popular online provided a good hand, including the content of the Oriental Pearl, as well as the United States and Haier provide sales channels, Siu Chi shares the largest production factories TV ODM, but the constraints of the profitability of listed companies and the User requirements to expand the conflict between "the analysts, compared to millet and music, as well as traditional home appliances, the popular user scale is still far behind from break-even for a long time to go there, the Oriental Pearl Tower, Siu -Chi shares, hopes the United States to be independent popular online offering.

Fang Zhenyu said the popular online has a separate listing plan, but taking into account the profitability and IPO environment currently plans to list three new board next year, waiting for the opportunity to do with the motherboard.

Response data fraud

November 14, there are articles in the network questioned, the popular TV last year its own brand of publicly available data of 150 million units, activation capacity of 100 million units, while actual sales of only about 20 million units, cooperation with other brands of OEM sales about 60 million units.

Popular online spokesman said the Daily Economic News reporter replied, the article is not really popular TV brands and do a lot of harm, and affect the Siu Chi stocks.

Popular TV specific sales set up a year is how much? Siu Chi Secretary Fang Zhenyu shares on the "Daily News" reporter, he said the popularity of TV business was established less than a year, from the third quarter of this year, "popular OS 'activation volume 150 million, of which 265,000 of the popularity own brand TV sales come, other brands include Haier, the United States and the United States subsidiary of Sanyo, since the co-branded systems also use the popular OS, the user can contain the amount of popularity enabled. this is that first time the real popular TV sales revealed data.

Haier, Sanyo customers TV activations, why the popularity of online attributed top spokesman said :? 'First, the United States, Haier and Sanyo of Siu Chi delivery time has been set aside by the two major distributors profit generated profits, because both use popular OS system, these users income online all owned by popularity operation, including gold, on -Demand start advertising, ad placement. "Ali Cloud OS, if the reference model, the system operator will give the hardware business subsidies. Online Popularity With Haier Subsidy Program Between United States What Is It? said the spokesman relates secrets for the trade to disclose specific subsidy programs.

Popular online spokesman said the popular TV and music than millet patterns differ mainly in the 'ultra-dimensional ecology': First dual ownership structure, due to be completed after the Oriental Pearl Tower, the United States are both Siu Chi shareholders , as well as popular online shareholders, the second is through the pooling of interests, offer the Oriental Pearl offers to provide Siu Chi shares hardware manufacturers, Haier (popular shares online) and USA (Sanyo brand) marketing services.

"3 years of 12 million strategic goal, the implementation of our strategic plan remains, is to complete the 10 million units by 2018 and 200 million units of Internet TV set-top boxes. 10 million Internet TV is also owned by its own brands and the common brand, the largest Internet company operating income is the user, when the user has a certain amount of profit formally can go. "Fang Zhenyu told reporters.

Popular Internet TV Break Even Situation? Siu Chi silent participation in the performance of each Internet TV Internet TV business losses, the consolidation in the popular online.

November 3, the popular multimedia CEO Zhou Kun, told the "Daily Economic News" reporter said, hoped to emulate popular OPPO sell mobile phones, the line channels currently in the country under the 2000 online store experience, the popular program too expand store design completed during the year under the country's 9000 line to become the king of sales within five years.

There is no denying that the great battle among OPPO sales is emulating, which means increasing channels and marketing costs accordingly.