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Guide: cheap shopping in the US

You will find a detailed article on the same topic in the current COMPUTER BILD (issue 24/2008). Please note the following changes after the editorial deadline: The planned new ordinances on customs duties and import sales tax were decided by the Federal Council differently than announced by the Hamburg customs authorities. This means that goods ordered via the Internet from the USA must continue to be taxed with a goods value of EUR 22 or more (import sales tax, usually 19%). Only the customs duties do not apply from 1.12. up to a value of 150 euros (currently 22 euros). The newly calculated savings table for 40 different products ordered on the Internet can be found here.

Shoes, jeans or cool sunglasses from the USA are also available in German shops. But they are really expensive there. You can get clothes, sporting goods, perfumes and much more in American internet shops for much less. Despite the dollar's rise again, buying overseas is still worthwhile: There is a pair of Nike Air Max 90 sneakers in US shops from 54 euros including shipping and customs. In Germany, the kicks cost at least 140 euros. But not all US offers are bargains.

Which products are worthwhile?
Especially clothing and shoes. Many well-known fashion brands such as Tommy Hilfiger or Levi's are significantly cheaper in the USA. Sneakers from Nike, for example, or sports equipment such as golf clubs are also cheaper. European clothing brands such as Diesel Jeans, on the other hand, are more expensive. Beware of technology products: they are usually cheaper in stores in the USA than in Germany, but shipping to Europe is expensive. If you add customs duties, you often pay extra.

Those who do not have a good command of the English language easily fall into translation traps:
Handy is correctly called "cellular phone" or "mobile phone". In the USA, projector means the BMW brand, the technical device is the "video projector". A “receipt” is a receipt, a prescription is called a “prescription”.
“Fabric” is not a factory, but a clothing material. Factory means "factory". A "gift" is a present. Poison, on the other hand, is called "poison". "Reclamation" means reclamation. Complaining a product is called "complaint". "Warehouse" is a warehouse, a department store is a "department store".

What do I have to pay attention to in principle?
There may be problems with some articles, others you are not allowed to order in the first place. If you want to order in a US shop, you need a good knowledge of English. Because product descriptions and shipping regulations are mostly only available in English. And DVDs from the USA usually lack a German soundtrack.

How do I find offers?
There are also price comparison sites in the USA, such as Pricegrabber.com or Shopping.com. There you can search for the desired product and find user ratings for many shops. COMPUTER BILD also tested eight large US stores that also deliver their goods to Germany in practice. The detailed descriptions can be found in the table.

How long is a delivery on the way?
That depends on the selected shipping method (e.g. express or standard shipping) and the parcel service. In addition, customs processing can delay delivery. The test orders from COMPUTER BILD arrived after three to 20 working days via standard shipping.

How can I pay?
The standard form of payment for Internet orders in the US is a credit card. However, many shops require additional information from European buyers, for example the customer has to fax a copy of their identity card.

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