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Aviation management studies: content, courses, professions

Air traffic managers take on the management tasks in air traffic services and ensure that the organization runs in such a way that customers get to their destination quickly and safely! In the aviation management course you will learn to design and optimize aviation processes. Aviation companies are almost always internationally active, which is why the course is often in English and gives you knowledge of the international aviation market!

Aviation management studies in numbers: degree, job prospects, salary


In the air traffic management graduate class of 2015, the average starting salary after the Bachelor's was € 36,400.


74% of all students who begin an air traffic management degree at a university also graduate.


98% of all graduates still have a job up to 5 years after graduating from air traffic management.


81% of all air traffic management graduates state that they are satisfied or very satisfied with the content of their job.

Entry-level sectors for air traffic management graduates

Over half of the air traffic management graduates work in the service sector

Salary development for air traffic management graduates

After 10 years, the starting salary for air traffic management graduates doubles

Business administration graduate class 2005

Where can I study air traffic management?

You can study aviation management as a bachelor's degree at four state universities, while the master’s degree is offered by two state universities. But you can also study “Aviation Management” at the private IUBH, i.e. air traffic management in English. The big advantages are the excellent contacts the university has in practice and the small group support. Make sure to order the free information material, then you will see on the one hand where the focus of the respective course lies - on the other hand you can easily see whether a large state university is more suitable for you or a private university with a high practical relevance.

Course recommendations

Aviation Management (B.A.)

  • Language: English
  • Start: WS or SS
  • Face-to-face study

Aviation Management (M.A.)

  • Language: English
  • Start: WS or SS
  • Face-to-face study

Automotive & Mobility Management (B.Sc.)

  • Language: German
  • Start: WS
  • Face-to-face study

What is the content of an air traffic management degree?

First, you will learn the basics of business administration and logistics, as well as mathematics and statistics in the course. You will also learn how successful management works and what international business ethics include. In addition, these specialized subjects are on the agenda: