What are the best French chocolate brands

The best chocolate makers in the world

There are few foods and probably no other sweets where the differences in manufacturing and product quality have such a big impact on the end result as with chocolate. And probably the most striking: The Price difference between absolute junk goods and extremely high-quality, well-made High-class products is significantly lower than one would assume based on the ascertainable quality gradient. In other words: Really outstanding chocolate is not so infinitely more expensive than the mass that usually only has color and name in common with the good product.

The good news first: Generally speaking, the range of chocolate has increased significantly in recent years. That's why it's not that easy to get an overview of which producers produce really outstanding chocolate, because so many new suppliers are pushing onto the market so quickly. One of the clearest and best-informed platforms in this regard is Chclt.net, which is based in Germany. In recent years, this has developed into the largest test magazine for chocolate in German-speaking countries.

The platform's test team has been tasting and evaluating systematically for years dark, milk and white chocolate. In countless test reports it is determined exactly which manufacturer is able to deliver which qualities. It shows that the best chocolates in the world nowadays are mainly made of Italy, France, Switzerland and North America come. France in particular has a long tradition in this regard. For example, the oldest fine chocolate producer comes from the Grande Nation: Chocolat Bonnat was founded in 1884 and is one of the early pioneers of the chocolate boom.

The most outstanding providers of dark, milk and white chocolate according to the chocolate professionals at Chclt.net can be read below:

Dark chocolate: the premier class

For real chocolate professionals and many connoisseurs, dark chocolate is the master class in chocolate production. she has a high cocoa content, no milk content and is also called Dark or dark chocolate designated. Dark chocolate is considered "pure chocolate". In some cases, cocoa butter or soy lecithin is also added to improve the smoothness and appearance.

The elite among fine chocolates

Experts consider the product to be the absolute top class »Domori Porcelana“With 70 percent cocoa - according to the chocolate platform Chclt.net it is currently the best chocolate in the world. It is no coincidence that the manufacturer Domori is considered a leading producer, because the Italians primarily rely on the use of the high-priced Porcelana cocoa, a variant of the Criollo beans. Criollo is considered the finest cocoa variety in the world and is only grown in small quantities in South America.

The Italian Claudio Corallo, a loner and extremist in the world of chocolate makers, is one of the elite of fine chocolate makers. Corallo produces its chocolate where the cocoa is made - in his case it is on his own plantation in São Tomé and Príncipe, a tiny island nation off the West African coast. The top product Corallos is sold under the somewhat bulky name »Claudio Corallo Chocolate soft 73½% com Nibs de Cacau«Offered.

When it comes to the best chocolate producers in the world, the name Michel Cluizel should not be missing. His career began in 1948 in his parents' pastry shop in Normandy. Today he is one of the most highly decorated chocolatiers in France. For its top product »1er Cru de Plantation Los Anconès«Cluizel uses cocoa from the Los Anconès plantation in the Dominican Republic.

Other top manufacturers of dark chocolate are the Ecuadorian chocolate producer Pacari (top product: “Pacari Los Ríos 72%”) and the American manufacturer Fresco, who is keen to experiment with its top product “Marañón 70% Recipe 230”.

Milk chocolate: the chocolate for every occasion

Milk chocolate is probably that most popular chocolate, and even if some chocolate freaks only have a mild smile for it, there are also excellent qualities in this area. Ideally, milk chocolate is made from Cocoa mass, Cocoa butter, Milk powder and sugar produced. In the case of high-quality products, there is also Soy lecithin and natural vanilla attached. If, on the other hand, ingredients such as concentrated butter (also known as clarified butter), sweet whey powder, vanillin and flavorings are added, the goods are mostly of inferior quality.

The milk chocolate specialists

One of the best milk chocolates comes from Chocolaterie Robert in Madagascar, which sells their products under the name »Chocolat Madagascar«Sells. The special thing: the Cocoa content is 80 percentwhich is by no means common with milk chocolate - the cocoa content is usually around 35 percent.

A no less high quality milk chocolate comes from French chocolatier Michel Cluizel, who with the product »Mangaro Lait«Added the first milk chocolate to its program. With great success, because the chocolate is highly valued by experts.

This also applies to the »Labooko Nicaragua Milk 50%«By the Austrian parade chocolatier Josef Zotter. He has thus succeeded in making one of the best milk chocolates among the global producers. The test verdict of the Internet chocolate magazine Chclt.net: "Excellent dialogue between chocolate and milk."

The milk chocolate is also extremely successful »Mélissa Criollo«By the producer François Pralus, one of the best-known manufacturers of exceptional chocolate creations in France. It is a so-called "single plantation", a term for chocolate made from cocoa beans from a single plantation. The Cocoa content is 45 percent - All in all, a high-quality chocolate creation for every occasion.

The Swiss chocolate manufacturer Lindt is probably one of the best-known companies in the field of chocolate. Hardly any producer offers such a wide range. Including milk chocolate that is one of the best. The "Lindt Excellence 55% milk chocolate“Because of its 55 percent cocoa content, it is considered the best chocolate in the house.

White chocolate: the palate flatterer

Even if white chocolate can never reach the sophistication of dark chocolate, that does not mean that there are not creations in this sector that even die-hard chocolate freaks can enjoy. With white chocolate, it is not the cocoa flavors that determine the taste, but rather vanilla, Caramelization, preparation and Cocoa butter melt. From the cocoa bean, only the cocoa butter goes into the white chocolate. Expensive cocoa varieties, on the other hand, are irrelevant, which is why white chocolate is generally cheaper - even if it is the best of the best.

White highlights

It is producers like the American chocolate manufacturer Fruition who produce very extraordinary white chocolates. The company was founded in 2011 by the New York pastry chef Bryan Graham and since then has brought chocolate creations onto the market that have been showered with awards. Including the product »Vanilla Bean Toasted White«With cocoa butter from the Dominican Republic. The name "Toasted White" refers to its own recipe, according to which the milk powder in the cocoa butter is caramelized. Of course, Fruition not only produces extraordinary white chocolate, but also plays in the top league when it comes to dark and milk chocolate.

The same applies to Valrhona from France. The company (named after the Rhône Valley - Vallée du Rhône) supplies its cocoa products to selected delis, restaurants and pastry shops in and outside France. Valrhona has long been considered the epitome of sophisticated chocolate production. And so it is not surprising that the French with the product »Valrhona Blanc Opalys«Have brought a white chocolate onto the market that is highly valued by experts.

When it comes to white chocolate, top quality also comes from Germany. In the book “The Chocolate Tester” the chocolate “White Vanilla” from the Viviani brand is even referred to as the best white chocolate praised at all. While the cocoa butter content of white chocolate is usually 30 percent, "white vanilla" contains 40 percent. In addition, all ingredients come from organic farming.

The best producers

The eltie of the international chocolate makers

  • Domori
    The Italian company has set new standards in chocolate production and is one of the best manufacturers in the world.
  • Michel Cluizel
    The Frenchman Michel Cluizel is considered to be one of the pioneers of the global chocolate boom and produces chocolate of absolute top quality.
  • Claudio Corallo
    The Italian Claudio Corallo is a purist, known for extreme and weird chocolate creations, which he packs in small, aluminum-coated bags.
  • Valrhona
    One of the best-known fine chocolate manufacturers from France, whose wide range of products is also valued in top gastronomy.
  • Zotter
    The Styrian Josef Zotter has developed into one of the world's most important chocolate makers since the 1990s. His trademark: extreme creativity.
  • Chocolate bonnat
    The French chocolate manufacturer was founded in 1884, making it a veteran of today's scene. Bonnat produces pure original chocolates.
  • Fruit
    American chocolate factory founded in 2011 by New York confectioner Bryan Graham. Extremely high quality even with white chocolate.
  • Pacari
    The Ecuadorian chocolate manufacturer is a specialist in so-called raw chocolate, in which the ingredients are never heated above 48 ° C.
  • Fresco
    Innovative American chocolate manufacturer from the state of Washington. Founded in 2010 by Rob and Amy Anderson.