What are some unemployment hacks

Unemployed? With these tips & tricks you can make the most of your job search time

Are you unemployed? Then don't hang your head, but look ahead and make the best of your situation. Use the possible frustration that your loss of a job is causing you as additional energy when looking for a new job. We'll give you tips on how to stay on the ball in this difficult situation, keep your weaker self in check and quickly get back on track.

Unemployed? Do the basics!

Of course, you have to make a living from something even without a job. To do this, you have to register as a jobseeker in due time and take care of the associated bureaucracy. The Federal Employment Agency has put together a detailed information sheet about everything you have to take into account in the context of your unemployment.

You must register personally as a jobseeker no later than three months before the end of your employment or apprenticeship. If you find out about your job less than three months in advance, you have to register as a jobseeker within three days. Otherwise there is a threat of a blocking period. Unemployment benefit is paid at the earliest from the day on which you personally report your unemployment to the Federal Employment Agency.
While you are receiving unemployment benefits, you are insured for health, care, pension and accident insurance.

Only when you have completed all the formalities can you calmly and carefully plan your next steps and how you will deal with the new situation.

Do you have all job references?

Get a qualified and job-promoting job reference from your last employer! Because by law every employee has the right to a written certificate upon termination of an employment relationship. You will need it for your application phase!

Start your job search!

Use all channels for your job search! Not only job boards or social networks can help you find your new job - old colleagues, good friends and acquaintances can also be very helpful. Many jobs are still mediated through personal contacts.

Possibly become self-employed or go under the founders!

Is self-employment or starting a business the right way into your professional future or at least a temporary solution for you? You can find a lot of helpful information on this interesting topic here.

Find your strengths!

Do you know your strengths? Take the time for a thorough analysis and get a realistic view of what you can do and what you can score with when looking for your new job. Sometimes looking from the outside helps when looking for your own strengths. What does your family mean What do your exes say when you ask them about your skills.

Structure your everyday life!

Unemployment means being without a firm footing in the professional dimension of your life. It is all the more important to have a solid structure in the other areas of your life. Take care of this structure! She gives you a stop and a timetable. Last but not least, this also makes your way back to work easier. You should alternately combine activities that you do not like with activities that you enjoy.

Body and mind - take care of your health!

Use the time you are looking for a job and consciously keep yourself fit! Fruits and vegetables, exercise or relaxation exercises - there are many ways to keep your body and soul healthy. Some experts even recommend using the time without a job for marathon training. In this way, you can actively fight against negative thoughts and feelings about your unemployment and literally return to work strengthened.

Be among people who like you!

Don't bury yourself in the depths of your home with anger at your unemployment! Rather, put a smile on your face by spending as much time as possible with all the people you like and who like you. There are scientific studies that show that positive social contacts can give you fulfillment in life - and you need that especially in personal crisis situations such as unemployment.

Be proud of smaller successes too!

Even small successes in everyday life make you proud and increase your motivation. So make the most of every moment of success and use the positive energy to compensate for your negative experiences. A tip: collect your successes in a lucky diary!

Use free offers like events!

If you are unemployed, you have many opportunities to use discounts or even free offers such as events. Swimming pool, theater or library - take advantage of discounts and free options in your region for an active life on a budget.

Avoid 0815 applications! Be creative!

There are many boring or less informative applications; really good ones, however, are rare. Thanks to a good application, your chances of actually being invited to an interview with many employers increase. Therefore: Be creative in the presentation of yourself and your professional know-how in your application.

Educate yourself or get a new horse for your job!

Use the time you are looking for work so that you can explain it later. Keyword: gap in the résumé. Language course, further education, retraining or professional reorientation - you have a number of options. Taking a break from inactivity doesn't look good on your résumé and can get you in trouble during job interviews. If, on the other hand, you are in top shape and up to date in your industry, your future employer will hopefully know that he has the right person in front of you.

Prepare carefully for interviews!

Many applicants fail in the interview because they have not dealt adequately with the potential employer. You can definitely score points with good preparation. Why do you want to start in this company? What do you bring with you specifically for this job? You should answer these and a few other questions for yourself before the interview.

I wish you success!

Are you unemployed? Then think positively and use your options! Do not let any setbacks or failures dissuade you from your goal! We wish you every success and a quick way back to work. Would you like advice or support in finding a new job? We at Erhard Services are happy to be there for you.

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