Why did Henry Ford hate the Jews?

Foreword by Hammer-Verlag, 1933:

The value of this writing is constantly growing, and it is due to the relations of the Jews to other peoples that the older the writing, the more it grows. America and the Jews - This is a subject that Henry Ford was the first and only one to touch. In Germany, the fight against Judaism had already started around the middle of the 19th century, at a time when America was still in the first struggles for development. While in Germany the word Jew slowly but steadfastly became known as a designation of a harmful foreign part of the population living in the midst of the German people, the Jewish part of America arranged it in such a way that the word Jew was not mentioned in the “freest country in the world”, could not be used. Nobody in the whole world knew this: America was in the hands of Jewish capitalism in the first quarter of the 20th century, so it was also spiritually and politically subjugated and is still so today.

The first chapter of this book appeared in May 1920 in the prestigious weekly “The Dearborn Independent”: “The Jew by Character and Working Life.” This was a blow to the Jews that no one in America had previously dared and Judah took its breath away took. Attempts were made to remain silent; it did not work. The magazine's circulation, 200,000 for the first article, rose to 300,000 in a very short time as a result of this series of articles. The usual methods were then tried: distortion, distortion into the opposite, disgrace and abuse. Clergymen and politicians, too narrow-minded and old-fashioned to recognize the true circumstances, moaned and feigned with the Jews about “unchristian behavior”, about “attack on the equality of the races” etc. But this only made the Jewish question stronger, became America's talk of the day. The fight had begun, it must now be brought to an end.

Judas fight is a fight against all world. Sitting in all peoples, it stirred up the hatred of these peoples against one another and thus almost completely established its world domination according to the word “divide in order to rule!”. The peoples, all of whom had the greatest interest in a calm course of history, were incited against one another, diverted from the presence of Judaism and weakened in their resistance to Judah by wars. The world war is Judas' deed. Millions of people had to die directly and indirectly as a result of the war for Judah to win. More people died than there are total Jews in the world.

Russia became a warning sign for all peoples - Germany should go the same way. The defensive struggle had to break out at the moment of the knowledge of the truly guilty - had to, but Judah had divided the peoples in his subtle way, they hated each other instead of hate the Jews together.

The world war was supposed to seal the rule of Judah; Russia in the claws of Bolshevism, Germany in need and misery, politically, economically and spiritually, the other countries, including the "victors", more and more in distress, everywhere incapable, treacherous creatures in the service of Judah at the top of the states - it had to pay off. But the materialism of the Jews had overlooked one thing: the spiritual tension of the peoples. More and more it became common property that the Jew was and is to blame for all declines, more and more the search for the source goods of the people's own strength, everywhere, even in France and England, a kind of anti-Semitism repeatedly erupted, the Nordic states showed völkisch movements, and then the powerful wave of the Hitler movement broke through in Germany, based on the thoughts of the old champions. Victory was achieved in the spring of 1933 - in Germany. Adolf Hitler took up the fight against Judah under the symbol of the swastika.

What happened now Not that the other peoples also rebelled against their own tyrant. Instead, Judah started a boycott against Germany. One interfered in the own internal affairs of the German people. But the resistance of the awakened Germany was so great that the Jewish boycott, which was inciting the other peoples, collapsed on a large scale.

But America collapsed in the same period of time. Judah's power was still powerful enough to plunge this rich land into misery too. 10,000,000 unemployed, thousands of bank crashes, the closure of factories, hunger and misery, and finally an attempt to rescue them through “conditional” inflation. America's struggle against Judah, which began around 1920 and gave rise to hopes for a common battle front of all peoples against the Jews, turned in 1933 into America's struggle for bare life. And international Jewry is to blame for that too. America's collapse is a consequence of the world war, a consequence of the German war guilt laid down in Versailles and the resulting tribute payment, which made the whole world unemployed. But this will make the struggle against Judaism a world movement again. If the peoples only recognize the danger in which they have been floating for a long time to an ever greater extent and which must become clear to them through the agitation against Germany, then this question will be solved, and against the Jews.

Cooperation between all anti-Jewish movements must be recognized as a goal. Judah will be powerless against this and, although she will use all means to stop her fall, this movement will turn her off. The joyful belief in the future that has arisen in Germany must shine through the world as a true spring of nations. Even if the defensive measures, the knowledge and experiences in Germany are best with regard to Judaism due to the special situation, the German people will nevertheless always be ready to use and disseminate the knowledge of other states and peoples.

Isn't it ultimately a matter of saving humanity and humanity from destruction.

Thanks to Henry Ford for having given the impetus to unravel the Jewish question in America. Overall, he has done a great deed. In addition to other valuable, enlightening writings, two works are now in the foreground: “The Handbook of the Jewish Question” and this work. They want to be steadfast fighters for the liberation of peoples.

Leipzig, June 1933. Hammer-Verlag.