How do I remove shop window stickers

Quick and easy: this is how you can remove stickers

You buy beautiful, new decoration and the label leaves glue residue. Or even worse: the label on a gift leaves glue residue. Or you can find an old piece of furniture that is covered with stickers that you now want to get rid of. Stickers on cars can be particularly bitter, especially if the previous owner has stuck them on and they do not correspond to you at all.

Good news right at the beginning: Almost every sticker, no matter what type and what it sticks to, can be easily removed with a label remover spray (order here from Amazon *). But very few people have to stand around when they suddenly feel the urge to remove ugly stickers. And often you don't want to wait either. We'll show you which home remedies you can use to remove stickers and glue residues just as easily.

Removing glue residue: the best home remedies

Adhesives are usually either water-, alcohol- or fat-soluble. So all you have to do is figure out which glue you're dealing with. If in doubt, the only thing to do is try it out. Best in this order:

1. Water

Removing adhesive residues and stickers with water can be environmentally friendly and very effective. If the affected object is small enough for the dishwasher, you can even benefit from hot water. This removes stickers particularly reliably. So before you try anything else, give water a chance.

2. Hair dryer

Many manufacturers use hot melt adhesives for their labels. Such glue residues can be easily removed with heat. Heat the glue with a hair dryer and then scrape off the glue residue with a plastic scraper. This also means that the subsurface is not damaged.

Danger: Sometimes the tip is given to heat up stickers with the heat in the oven. This method is only suitable for glass and even there you have to be very careful. The oven can reach a maximum temperature of 50 degrees and glass cannot withstand high temperature fluctuations. If you put the glass in the preheated oven, it could burst.

3. Oil

Oil is a little insider tip for fat-soluble glue residues. This can be both cooking oil (such as sunflower oil) and baby oil. Just put a little oil on the glue residue and let it sit for about an hour. Then you can wipe everything off with a kitchen towel.
However, this method is not suitable for fabrics, otherwise you would have a problem with oil stains afterwards.

4. Alcohol

Other adhesives can be removed with alcohol. You don't have to use ethanol or alcohol for this. High-proof schnapps like vodka is often enough. Put vodka on the glue residue and let the alcohol sit for about an hour. Then you can wipe everything off with a damp cloth.

If vodka doesn't remove all of the glue residue, you can then bring out heavier guns and try alcohol or pure ethanol. But be careful: Ethanol or alcohol can not only remove adhesive residue, but also the color of the surface. So only use this as a last resort and test it beforehand on an inconspicuous place.

5. Tape

Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, so in this case: glue with glue. Therefore, some adhesive residue can be easily removed with adhesive tape. Sticks the tape on the remains and pulls it off with a jerk.

Tip: The internet raves about this do-it-yourself mixture for removing all kinds of stickers: mix vegetable oil and baking soda to a creamy mass, apply it to the sticker, let it sit for a few minutes, and then the sticker can be used Wipe it off very lightly.

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Remove stickers from cars

"Baby on board" no longer applies at the latest when your child is old enough to understand the sticker and to speak out in protest. But how can you remove unwanted stickers from your car? The best way to do this is to use a hair dryer.

It is important that you heat the sticker evenly with blow dryer air and do not concentrate on one point, as this could damage the paintwork of the car. After a minute of heat treatment, you can easily peel off the sticker. If there are glue residues, you can wipe them off with a damp cloth and, if necessary, some washing-up liquid.

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Remove the sticker from the glass

You have bought yourself a set of beautiful new glasses and now you have to nibble off the adhesive labels from every single glass ... This is easier if you work on the stickers with a hairdryer - but be careful! This makes the glass very hot!

Vinegar is less risky: rub the sticker with it and let it sit for a minute. Then you can easily peel off the sticker. If you don't like the smell of vinegar, you can turn to fragrant essential oils instead. Rub the stickers well with 2-3 drops of lemon or orange oil, especially on the corners. After that, the sticker will be easy to peel off. If it's a little difficult, add more drops of oil.

If you want to remove old vignettes from your car window, the best thing to do is to spray them with glass cleaner. Then you can scrape off the vignette with a glass scraper (order here from Amazon *).

Remove sticker from metal

If warm water and dish soap didn't help, try using alcohol to remove stickers from metal. Just dip a cotton ball in vodka and rub it into the sticker. You may well have to repeat this process several times and leave the alcohol on for up to an hour.

Alternatively, oil can also be used to remove stickers from metal. The application is the same as for alcohol. Neither alcohol nor oil attack the metal and are therefore harmless.

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Remove stickers from wood

Your children have stuck their room door and actually all the other furniture with stickers? Do not worry. The best way to remove stickers from wood is with soapy water or vinegar. Apply the solution to the stickers and let them sit for a minute to let the glue dissolve.

Then you can best scrape off the stickers with a thin spatula, for example a Japanese spatula (order here from Amazon *). It has no sharp edges like regular scrapers and therefore does not damage the wood.

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Remove the sticker from the plastic

Plastic and plastic are quite sensitive when it comes to aggressive cleaning agents. It is best to try water and washing up liquid first. If that didn't help, you can rub the sticker with vinegar.

When simple home remedies don't work, one has to resort to more aggressive home remedies. You can also remove stickers from plastic with acetone-free nail polish. To do this, apply some of the nail polish to a cotton ball and rub it into the sticker. The glue is dissolved by the nail polish remover and you then rub off the sticker very lightly with the cotton pad.

This trick is great for gifts that you want to remove the price tag from before giving them away. Adhesive residues on book covers can also be removed quickly and easily with acetone-free nail polish. However, first test the nail polish on an inconspicuous area, as this will cause the plastic to lose color.

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Remove glue residue from the fabric

In the case of adhesive residue on fabric, treatment with stain remover and a subsequent wash is usually sufficient. Of course, this cannot be easily implemented with a carpet. Sometimes an ice cube helps here. Certain adhesives get crumbly when they freeze, so you can scrape them off (with a razor blade, for example).

However, an ice cube will not help if there is leftover tape on the carpet. Here you can try the opposite: work with heat. Place a paper towel over the affected area and then iron it. With a little luck, the glue will get into the kitchen paper.

If all else fails, the only option left is to clean the carpet. As a rule, however, all glue residues are gone afterwards.

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