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Educator: Tips about the profession of educator

In recent years, educators have been among them most sought-after occupations in Germany. Despite good job prospects, training as a childcare worker is unthinkable without the joy of dealing with children. Because of the lack of staff and daycare places and the resulting long waiting times, parents often have to look out for alternative childcare options.

1. Educators have to do more than play with the children

Many associate the job of educator with spending a lot of time with the children, doing handicrafts or playing with them. But there is a lot more to the job as an educator, because the children have to be supported, cared for and also brought up.

For this purpose, educators must, for example, prepare games for the mental and physical development of the children and carry them out with the children. This includes, for example, exercise games to promote children's physical abilities, or knowledge gamesto stimulate children's mental abilities.

An educator must also pay attention to the children's personal hygiene. This is what belongs in many daycare centers brushing your teeth after eating or changing diapers for very young children.

2. Paperwork is also part of daily work

In addition to the practical part with direct contact with the children, the unpopular “paperwork” is part of the work of an educator. For example, a development report has to be written about the children, but also documentation and reports for the youth welfare office may, under certain circumstances, belong to the tasks of an educator.

In cooperation with colleagues, there is regular advice and reflection on the work and the children. In addition, an educator must also deal with the children's parents. Nowadays, working in a kindergarten also includes organizing and holding parents' evenings.

Finally, it may well happen that Trainees or interns have to be supervised and instructed by an educator. As a result, one shouldn't shy away from leadership responsibility as an educator.

In our extensive guides you can find out everything about the profession of educator. We show you how to write an internship report, organize everyday life in kindergarten with various parties or games And finally, how you can cope with the lateral entry into the profession.

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