We are difficult choices in life

Overcoming fear of decision-making - practical tips: 5 tips to make difficult decisions easier

Should i quit my job? Leave my once great love? To move to another city? Many decisions can change our lives so drastically that we often shy away from them. Weeks or months of brooding can then make life even more difficult. The constant circling of thoughts about the same problem can damage our health in the long term: insomnia, nervousness, chronic fatigue, loss of appetite are some of the symptoms when we do not know what to do next.

Do you know such situations? With the following five tips you can learn to gain some distance and calm in order to make conscious decisions with a clear head and whole heart in stressful life situations.

1. Make decisions only when you are in a positive mood

Making serious decisions when we are angry, frustrated, or saddened us with the risk of turning them out pulse and regret it in retrospect - which can lead to even more anger, frustration or sadness. And probably makes us even more hesitant about the next decision. So it's better not to decide to quit your job if you've just had an argument with a colleague. Don't make decisions about the future of a relationship soon after an argument.

Ours works best strategic thinkingwhen we are of good cheer and full of energy and confidence. Then it is more likely that we will develop ideas and visions for the future that inspire us and inspire us to take positive action.

2. Relax first, then decide

Sometimes we think so hard about a problem that it takes all of our focus, time, and energy. Unfortunately she cares Brooding rarely for more clarity, but on the contrary, the more we go around in circles, the more confused and insecure we become.

Fear and despair build up and put us under constant tension for days, sometimes even weeks and months. The only thing that helps here is to consciously take a giant step aside and Distance from the problem to win. It is allowed to distract yourself: consciously surround yourself with people and things that relax you and nourish you with love and joy. Usually the best and most creative solutions emerge when we are not looking for them.

3. Pay attention to recurring fantasies

They usually appear in the most mundane moments when we are driving, brushing teeth or shopping: fantasies of things that we would like to do and experience. When that happens, capture the desires and pursue these seemingly casual thoughts. They come from deep inside and are worth paying attention to: what were you just thinking about? And how did that feel?

It could be that the thought of traveling, experiencing new things or even learning a new profession inspires you “secretly”, while the thought of sitting at the desk at your current job day in and day out makes you collapse. Or the other way around. Give all of these Reveries, Fantasies and emotions Room. Above all, the feel-good fantasies could be a signpost for important decisions in a new direction.

4. Imagine a decision you made and perceive your feelings

When you are feeling calm and in a good mood, take a moment to empathize with an upcoming change. Imagine that you have made a decision and that you are now in the new situation. Be as detailed as possible: where are you, how does it look there, how do you look there? How does your environment smell and how do you feel?

If the idea fills you with fear, feel into those fears to find out what exactly is troubling you. Maybe they are old fearsthat block you - concretise the fears and question whether they are really valid for the current change. If you just feel awful in the imagination, then maybe it is actually not the right way to go right now. Then try the Visualization another option. However, if you feel excited, inspired, and full of energy, this could be a sign of your next steps.

“Always remember that nature refuses to be rushed. It can only be made to evolve and that takes time. Take heart! " - Dharma Mittra

5. Be patient with yourself

Clarity and solutions have their own pace. We cannot conjure up a decision, it will emerge at a certain moment as a clear and secure feeling that you simply feel good about. Forcing changes and wanting to artificially accelerate the course of things usually only creates fears, stress and decisions that are born more out of need, desperation, than out of your full well-being intuition. It doesn't mean that you have to remain inactive. On the contrary, focus consciously on the now.

What can you do now to help your life enjoy? What can you give yourself now to get yourself back into your strength that you need to take the next steps and get ready for change? Perhaps you can use the time to learn other skills that will help you fulfill your fantasies? When the time is right, your path will become clear and changes will come into your life. In the meantime, take care of yourself and enjoy your life.

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