What are some hearty condiments

Dutch savory spices and herbs

Can't say that I'm an expert on Dutch food, but I lived there a few years (decades ago).

It's entirely possible that the soup really was just salt, pepper, and nutmeg in the meatballs. The Dutch word for "soup with meatballs" is "soep met balletjes" which helps you not to sort through all of the Pennsylvania Dutch recipes.

If you remember that the soup has some green spots in it, it is possible that it was finished with parsley or chives, but there is a good chance that most of the flavor was developed in the process of making the broth - cook the chicken bones with onions and carrots at least.

You may always want to speak to someone who helped your grandmother move when she discovered she had dementia - they may remember some of the spices she had ... and if she turned to any of the different Dutch ones Has left spice mixes. (Many of them have an Indonesian influence)

Laura B.

Thanks Joe, I'll try. I think it's been too long for anyone to remember what she had in her closets, but the Indonesian influence is a good indication ...

Jan Doggen

I can support that, the ingredients, as the OP writes in the question, should all be needed for a good Dutch (chicken) soup.